We have been in business for over 27 years.  That is a very long time, especially in the media business, and we have seen a lot of changes. As an active and prosperous content distribution company, our fingers are on the everyday pulse of a wide range of media markets. Our Consultancy can help with…


We provide a content sourcing/acquisitions service for major media companies seeking large libraries of programming for new media ventures or cable, satellite, IPTV, internet, or VOD launches.


We can broker the sale of copyright libraries, large or small, whether to investors seeking a gateway into the entertainment business, or media companies looking to quickly build their existing asset libraries.


We can help decode the mysterious landscape of U.S. public television, and provide insights on its many layers and players… the stations, the networks, the distributors, the series and strands, what works, what doesn’t, who to pitch, and how best to design a project for PBS, whether for pledge or for the regular schedule. We also distribute to the U.S. public television market on a station-by-station syndication basis; read more here.

The Process

Our consultants are available on monthly retainers for short or long term projects, typically with a series of telephone conference calls. Project budgets and time frames vary widely, and can include travel expenses if meetings are called for, and incentive commissions when projects involve a search for financing.

We often work on short-term projects as well, which typically take the form of telephone advisory sessions, or the engagement of a consultant to work at specific conferences, festivals, and markets, etc..  Clients may also request half-day or full-day in-person meetings, which must be scheduled well in advance and which also call for travel expenses to be reimbursed, unless the meeting is at our office. After evaluating your submission, we will assign one of our own executives or freelance consultants to your project.

Let us know about your project and your budget — complete our inquiry form and we will respond promptly. After receiving the form, we may ask for additional information. If we feel that the project is a good fit our consultancy, we will schedule a brief telephone conversation to suggest a retainer structure and timeframe.