Rights & Markets

Digital Media

  • Internet VOD Platforms: SVOD, AVOD, TVOD (DTO and DTR), and OTT


  • Worldwide Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Pay-TV, IPTV, and Cable VOD


  • Domestic release under our own label, or via sub-licensing.


  • Inflight airline, hotel rooms, ships-at-sea, place-based, etc.


  • College and University, K-12 Schools, Institutional (Digital Site Licenses and Public Performance Rights Licenses)

Stock Footage

  • Stock footage licensing

Platform & Market Specific Distribution

We offer a range of flexible distribution options that enable producers to reach specific territories, markets or platforms. For example, we often aggregate content specifically for Amazon Video, for whom we are a direct and trusted content partner.  As an MCN (Multi Channel Network), we build and manage channels on Youtube. We also acquire rights as a buyer for major broadcasters in the China (including CCTV and BTV) through our joint venture Croisette Films. We curate two channels for the internet OTT live-streaming service, Twitch. And we buy tailored and specific 3D, 4K and HD content for electronics manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Samsung. Please contact us for more information.

Public Television Syndication

We manage the syndication of programming designed for public television (PBS) stations in the United States. This unique distribution model must be financed by program underwriters or sponsors (just as the production was financed) seeking to reach the widest possible audience of U.S. public television viewers. Underwriters may be corporate or not-for-profit.  Syndication to PBS member stations is a complex business which combines station relations and publicity campaigns, carriage tracking, and production and legal consulting, and, needless to say, seasoned professionals experienced in the arcane world of U.S. public television. As a respected presenter and program supplier, Janson Media is an experienced player in the management of public television syndication campaigns. If you have a project with national appeal and want to reach the coveted, highly-educated PBS demographic, and you have access to financing for such a project, please contact us. Read more here.