Finally, all of our favorite dogs – on one DVD!



LENGTH: 90 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20236
UPC #: 6-4603202369-5
ISBN #: 1-56839-132-3
PRODUCER: Videoframe Communications. Ltd.

In addition to being available as a DVD for home-use only, this title is available to colleges, universities, non-profit institutions and community groups with both Public Performance Rights (PPR) and Digital Site Licenses (DSL). For PPR and DSL ordering information, click here.



This indispensable “visual guidebook” is not just for prospective dog owners, but for dog lovers in general. Produced in cooperation with North America’s top breeders, The Right Companion provides insights into the histories, temperaments, dominant traits and lifespans of forty popular dog breeds. It is filled with practical information on the proper amount of grooming, training and exercise required by each breed.

The Right Companion is a perfect companion for anyone who loves dogs! Look for the following breeds in this terrific DVD: • Airedale Terrier Akita • American Staffordshire • Australian Sheperd • Belgian Sheepdog • Bernese Mountain Dog • Borzoi • Bouvier des Flandres • Boxer • Bull Terrier • Chow Chow • Collie • Dachshund • Doberman Pinscher • English Springer Spaniel • French Bulldog • German Shepherd • German Short-haired Pointer • Giant Schnauzer • Golden Retriever • Great Dane • Great Pyrenees • Italian Greyhound • Labrador Retriever • Mastiff • Miniature Schnauzer • Newfoundland • Old English Sheepdog • Papillon • Pointer • Pomeranian • Pug • Rottweiler • Sealyham Terrier • Scottish Terrier • Shetland Sheepdog • Soft-Coated Wheaton • Weimaraner • West Highland White Terrier • Yorkshire Terrier


“This visual guidebook to choosing the perfect breed of dog finds various breeders shedding light on topics such as canine history, household requirements, and exercise and grooming needs, while also showing each type of dog at work, play, and rest – providing a slew of practical information. Highly recommended. Three and a half Stars.” – Video Librarian

“…clever morphing graphics and excellent video footage… …this is the only guide available in a DVD or video format which lets viewers see the dogs in action (rather than just a still photograph).

Users can choose to start the movie and view each breed in alphabetical order, or page through a multi-page alphabetical index to skip to a specific breed… The technical quality, however, is excellent, with rich, full-color video and clear spoken audio, although in the Great Pyrenees audio portion the sound seems somewhat muffled… The transitions between footage and graphic information, and between breeds, are smooth with interesting graphics… The sound track includes different types of music that, in some cases, is thematic with some of the dog breed names; for example, an accordion plays lilting music that brings to mind the French Riviera while watching the segment on the French Bulldog, and the German Shepherd segment features a snappy marching tune.” – Educational Media Reviews Online

“Very well done, great pictures of the breeds! And the DVD makes it easy for people to navigate to their favorite breed.” – Dr. Joy Micale, DMV

“From Dachshunds to Great Danes, this release from Janson Media covers several dog breeds for those viewers considering adding a canine companion to their home. Right Companion provides in-depth profiles of a total of 40 varieties of dogs.” ~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide