Singer, songwriter and the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas, western entertainer Red Steagall is the host of this inspiring one-man show.

LENGTH: 90 Minutes
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NOTES: The DVD features a 30-minute “behind-the-scenes” film directed by Christopher Lewis called Making Cowboy, the Legend, the Legacy.

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The special is taped in front of an intimate live audience in the living room of Red’s own rustic ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Red is joined during this dynamic musical hour by country superstar Reba McEntire, and Red’s own band, the Boys in the Bunkhouse as they speak to the history and legacy of the American Cowboy.

Gather ’round the large stone fireplace and settle into the comfortable leather couches to experience Red’s inspirational songs and poetry about the age-old Code of the West, and the values of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and hard work.

Included in this motivational hour are such popular Red Steagall poems as The Fence That Me & Shorty Built, Ride For The Brand, Paw Paw, Memories in Grandmother’s Trunk, and Born To This Land. Also included are some of Red’s most popular songs, such as When the Cimarron Was Red and on the Rise, The Quarter Circle Y, Red River Rose, The Day the Songbird Died, and The Wagon Tongue. “It’s important to me for the world to know that the cowboy is not the two-fisted, hard-drinking, hard-riding image of the ‘silver screen,’ but rather those men and women who are honest, hardworking, family oriented, spiritual, dedicated people who make their living utilizing the land and working the livestock. The western way of life is a very important element in the tapestry of American society and should be preserved at all costs.” -Red Steagall

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Red Steagall has been honored as the 2006 Poet Laureate of the State of Texas.


“The western way of life is a very important element in the tapestry of American society and should be preserved at all costs.” -Red Steagall

Red Steagall Presents Cowboy: The Legend, the Legacy emphasizes the everday, commonsense values of integrity, honesty, loyalty, honor, and responsibility that are part of the cowboy persona.. the narrators’ skills at storytelling make it an enjoyable experience.” -Library Journal

“…emtertaining song and cowboy poetry extravaganza… Steagall is joined by singer/actress Reba McIntire, and backed by his own band, the Boys in the Bunkhouse, in this intimate, homey event that takes place on the poet’s ranch outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Sure to be a popular addition, this is warmly recommended. Three Stars.” -Video Librarian

“This video is an interesting and fun one-man show by Red Steagall, who is the official Cowboy Poet of Texas, and is a singer, songwriter and poet of the American West. The show is taped in the living room of Steagall’s home in Fort Worth, Texas, in front of a select group of guests including Reba McEntire, and Steagall’s band The Boys in the Bunkhouse.

Overall, it is an enjoyable DVD that fans of country music, American popular culture and Western Americana will love to sit back and watch. Highly Recommended” – Educational Media Reviews Online