The Big Six and its companion story, Coot Club, are based on the celebrated Swallows & Amazons series of childrens’ books written by Arthur Ransome.



LENGTH: 90 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20310
UPC #: 6-4603203109-6
ISBN #: 1-56839-260-5
PRODUCER: Southern Star Sales Limited

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For anyone who loves sailing and adventure, the Arthur Ransome classics stand alone. Set in the ’30s, both stories take place on the lakes and waterways of England, and feature the same cast of lively characters, led by six children, who become firm friends, sharing a love of wildlife and all things nautical. The fun and adventure of a life afloat sparkle off the screen. These movies were produced on location in England by the BBC.

The Big Six Joe, Bill and Pete are members of the “Coot Club” which aims to protect wildlife. They spend most of their time on the river in their little boat, the “Death and Glory.” Trouble starts when they are blamed for setting boats free from their moorings. Tom Dudgeon, the doctor’s son, and Dick and Dot, children who are staying with Mrs. Barrable, all become detectives and search for clues to lead them to the real culprit.


“An instant classic…lovingly crafted recreation of life in the backwaters of 1930s England will capture the interests of children and adults. Period settings are meticulously done, and the sense of looking through a window into another era is every bit as convincing as in the Anne of Green Gables series…. superb actors… A winner for anyone over the age of six. Highly Recommended. Four Stars.” -Video Librarian

“Fine production qualities infuse the programs, accomplished acting by the cast propels the appealing scripts, and lovely footage of the waterways and wildlife lend a peaceful, nostalgic glow to the stories… Pleasing for the involving, non-violent plots; the positive adult figures; and the gentle, winsome atmosphere depicted, these are unusual and thoroughly charming videos for children’s enjoyment and family viewing.” -Booklist A Booklist Editor’s Choice Award

“Coot Club and The Big Six are the first two feature length videos to be released which are based on British writer Arthur Ransome’s series of children’s books SWALLOWS and AMAZONS FOREVER… The footage of wildlife and of the lovely scenery seen as the boats sail down the river are a plus as is the interesting background music. The children’s concern for preservation of the ecology and endangered wildlife is a major theme which is worked into the plot. The 1930′s setting seems authentic with vintage transportation and farming equipment. A time of innocence and romanticism when children were free to explore without parental supervision and where good always prevails is depicted… Stereotypes are avoided by portraying males and females as equally resourceful and strong. Both of these productions are the kind of wholesome entertainment that families can enjoy together. Libraries with an interest in videos that tie in to literature will find these to be an especially desirable purchase.” -School Library Journal

“Two Swallows and Amazons Forever titles are fine British stories of children who have adventures and develop ecological consciousness at the same time.” -The Children’s Bookwatch