Join Tai Chi Master Instructor Joey Bond as he guides you through the fascinating 24 movements of the classical Chinese art-form of Tai Chi.



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LENGTH: 172 Minutes
MSRP: $29.95
CATALOG #: 20304
UPC #: 6-4603203049-5
ISBN #: 1-56839-257-5
PRODUCER: Innerwave Inc.

In addition to being available as a DVD for home-use only, this title is available to colleges, universities, non-profit institutions and community groups with both Public Performance Rights (PPR) and Digital Site Licenses (DSL). For PPR and DSL ordering information, click here.


Creating a bridge of agreement between Eastern meditation and Western physical fitness, Tai Chi’s slow, rhythmic movements are designed to enact a sense of harmony between the mind and body. Through Master Bond’s easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll learn a dynamic variety of Tai Chi postures including White Crane Spreads Wings, Wave Hands Like Clouds and Part the Wild Horse’s Mane. After learning the basic movements, viewers of all ages and physical abilities will increase their strength and endurance, improve postural alignment, tone their bodies, reduce overall tension and sharpen mental activity.


“Tai Chi Innerwave offers an exciting alternative to more traditional exercise programs. Our viewers appreciate its emphasis on the mind-body connection, as ably explained and demonstrated by Tai Chi Master Joey Bond.
- Ron Bachman, WGBH-TV

“Master Bond has chosen to paint a picture of Tai Chi that resonates with the artist in us all.”
-Total Health Magazine

“…invaluable viewing for people who wish to understand more thoroughly the many facets of the practice of Tai Chi Ch’uan and to make more sense of its diverse philosophical notions and health claims which are becoming more popularized today.”
- Richard Delaney, WEDU-TV

“Master Bond is a gifted teacher who has formulated an outstanding set of exercises which help realize improved psychological health and personal well-being. His teaching strategy is exceptional…”
- Dr. Phyllis Amato, Ph.D, Allen Psychiatric Institute, Montreal

“Master Joey Bond’s command of Tai Chi is a remarkable display of esthetic power and grace. His exercise series is a demonstration of teaching genius. Master Bond makes a highly complex system of martial practice readable to anyone who cares to learn more about the mind/body connection.”
- Ray DiCapua, Professor of Art, University of Connecticut

“The stance is strong and silent, as if the earth beneath his feet were a sacred altar; Joey Bond is practicing Tai chi, an ancient oriental form of exercise and meditation where body and brain are in single-minded pursuit of what self-composure can do for you. Master Instructor Bond masterfully demonstrates taking control of your body and mind and viewers are watching nationwide.”
- Jennifer Barrs, Tampa Tribune

This 2-disc set is quite complete in its scope. Tai Chi Master Instructor Joey Bond and his assistants demonstrate a variety of tai chi poses beginning simply and working up to more complicated moves by the end of the second disc. Broadcast on PBS, this quality production will make a good addition to academic library collections in exercise science and holistic health as well as general adult collections in public libraries. -Educational Media Reviews Online