This is a magical journey through the mythic and historical landscape of Ireland, filmed entirely from the air.



LENGTH: 80 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20317
UPC #: 6-4603203179-9
ISBN #: 1-56839-266-4
PRODUCER: RTE International
NOTES: Presented in Widescreen 16:9 Format; Stereo 5:0 Surround Sound; Original Music Score available on CD

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Flying above the land and across the centuries, we see how Water, Earth and Stone have shaped the history and formed the character of The Island.

Many of these dramatic locations have never been seen before on television or video. Here are tombs more ancient than the pyramids, startling medieval castles and mysterious 5,000 year-old stone circles. We soar like an eagle over majestic sea-cliffs, into deep valleys and alongside remote mountains. And we learn how, over time, the natural landscape has been transformed with the growth of modern Irish towns and cities.

The Island features an original music score, composed by Brian Byrne and performed by the RTE concert orchestra. Narrated by Cathal O’Shannon Written by Rob Vance and Will Harris Produced and directed by Will Harris Executive Producer: Colm Crowley


“The Island—which boasts outstanding production values—offers superb aerial views of ancient castles, tombs older than the pyramids, mysterious and unexplained stone circles, rugged shoreline cliffs, and remote lush green valleys. Given the popularity of Ireland as a tourist destination, this sumptuous serving of Irish eye-candy is easily recommended. Three Stars.”- Video Librarian

“This documentary is comprised completely of absolutely beautiful aerial images filmed from above Ireland in a helicopter. A narrator explains the significance of each location shown and the connections between each sequence suggest the next location; the narration does not follow a strictly chronological timeline. Some of the images are seen from reasonably high above, others are shown close enough that architectural details are easily noticed.

The narration covers a huge range of history, from pagans to druids to Christian influence on architecture, to man-made islands, Viking invasions, the introduction of the potato, the building of castles and Irish displacement, man-made canals, traditional farming, the Black Plague, pirates, Sir Walter Raleigh, and a gladiator’s arena.”-Educational Media Reviews Online

“The Island: Ireland from the Air is a gorgeous DVD tour of the Irish landscape, filmed entirely from the air to reveal how water, earth, and stone have formed the rugged character of “the island”. Featuring many dramatic locations never before filmed on television or video, ancient tombs, medieval castles, and 5,000 year-old stone circles, sea cliffs, plunging valleys, remote mountains, and more, The Island is a breathtaking visual experience accompanied by an original music score composed by Brian Byrne and performed by the RTE concert orchestra. A commentary narrated by Cathal O’Shannon rounds out this dazzling tribute to the stellar beauty of the Ireland.” – The Midwest Book Review