Get A Life! Cool Careers, a DVD designed specifically for high school and junior high school students, which deals with the challenges, issues and choices facing today’s youth about their future lives and career choices.



LENGTH: 70 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20342
UPC #: 6-4603203429-5
ISBN #: 1-56839-291-5
PRODUCER: Sound Venture International

In addition to being available as a DVD for home-use only, this title is available to colleges, universities, non-profit institutions and community groups with both Public Performance Rights (PPR) and Digital Site Licenses (DSL). For PPR and DSL ordering information, click here.


Anchored by two hip, young hosts, Paula Haffner and Kipp Lightburn, Get A Life! Cool Careers consists of feature stories from an incredibly diverse range of career opportunities and job profiles. Produced in a fast-paced and zany style by an award-winning Canadian production company, Cool Careers helps today’s youth come to grips with some of the most important decisions of their lives, and yet does it in a fun and hip style that appeals to the MTV Generation.

Featured Careers:
- musician
- radio jockey
- band manager
- music director
- sound engineer
- band manager 2
- graphic designer
- multimedia design
- internet entrepreneur
- computer engineer
- website developer
- multimedia developer
- tv director
- film location manager
- market researcher
- sportscaster
- magazine publisher
- software consultant
- executive chef
- hotel manager
- clothing designer
- poet
- special ed teacher
- interior decorator

Awards »
Winner of the Award of Excellence in the Information Programming category from the Alliance for Children and Television


“This DVD is one of a series that focuses on careers in several fields that are specifically geared towards those who are finishing their high school educational experience and entering the work force. This resource, one of a series, is highly recommended with great potential for use in many collections. These materials give a great introduction to the world of work and would be beneficial to junior and senior high school students as well as those working with these populations. Highly Recommended ” -Educational Media Reviews Online

“Two 20-something male and female hosts tell viewers that they’re about to meet some “really cool people doing really cool things,” and they live up to their promise by showcasing 24 careers that will appeal to teens. Each segment features young people in their 20s and early 30s are passionate about their career choices. Beginning with musicians in a girl rock band who talk about needing a “rock n’ roll attitude,” the images are stimulating and eclectic, moving along at a brisk pace. Other music careers include music director, band manager, and sound engineer. A camera follows each subject on the job, such a male radio jockey who is shown rolling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to get to the radio station by 4:30 am. He and the subject of a sportscaster segment emphasize volunteering, even though it may require sweeping the floor, to get your foot in the door. Careers featuring creative arts include graphic designer, clothing designer, poet, and magazine publisher. Many of these subjects talk honestly about having to work other jobs to make ends meet, although their enthusiasm implies it is all worth it. Among the other jobs highlighted are web site developer, software consultant, Internet entrepreneur, hotel manager, and special ed teacher. The hosts appear at the beginning of each segment, reinforcing the “get a life” theme by acting out little skits or telling jokes. This polished program features multicultural men and women, appealing graphics, and contemporary music that will engage a broad age range of students.” – School Library Journal

“Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own morning show as a radio host? How about being a successful magazine publisher? Want to manage a band, or perhaps a hotel? This fast-paced video showcases a selection of interesting jobs and the people who perform them. Following a brief introduction by the two program hosts, a DVD menu allows viewers to select from 24 different job profiles (each approximately four minutes) that follow the same basic formula: introduction, interview, and footage of the interviewee at work. Interviewees talk about their career choices, why they like their jobs, education and qualifications, and—of course—the daily aspects of what they do. The featured careers span quite a range, including entertainment (music director, sound engineer, film location manager), design (interior decorator, graphic designer, clothing designer), performance (musician, sportscaster, poet), and multimedia (website developer, Internet entrepreneur, software consultant)… since most of the jobs discussed are somewhat off the beaten corporate path, this should definitely be of interest to young people looking for career direction. Recommended. Three Stars.”-Video Librarian

“This DVD is bursting with varied and interesting career ideas. Including MTV-like videography, engaging interviews, and segments on specific careers, the program offers a hip smorgasbord of job information. Youthful hosts Paula Haffner and Kipp Lightburn keep the pace moving in this easily navigable DVD, which contains interview with 23 persons representing a variety of careers, ranging from offbeat (musician, poet) to more traditional (teacher, hotel manager). The interviewees describe their professions, telling about the ins and outs of the jobs, including specific challenges, pressures, and realities. Although some of the dizzying montage transitions are a bit over-the-top, the information is solid and appropriate for the intended teen audience.” – Booklist