Get a Life! is a collection of career information videos designed specifically for high school and junior high school students. Get a Life! deals with the challenges, issues and choices facing today’s youth about their future lives and career choices.



LENGTH: 90 Minutes
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PRODUCER: Sound Venture International

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But educators, beware! This is NOT your garden-variety career information video guaranteed to put every student in the classroom to sleep. Be prepared for a whole new approach to career guidance, one your students will really appreciate.

Anchored by two hip, young hosts, Paula Haffner and Kipp Lightburn, Get a Life! consists of feature stories from an incredibly diverse range of career opportunities and job profiles.

Produced in a fast-paced and zany style by an award-winning Canadian production company, Get a Life! helps today’s youth come to grips with some of the most important decisions of their lives, and yet does it in a fun and hip style that appeals to the MTV Generation. Each half-hour video zooms by with four feature stories or job profiles, interspersed with crazy comic “rants,” off-the-wall “streeters” (street interviews), original music and extreme graphics. Here are 120 fascinating profiles of young people, many of whom are doing things your students might never have imagined could actually earn them a living.

DVD #6 • Moldmaker • Environmental Services • Consultant • Pharmaceutical Technologist • Career Counselor • Tourism Marketing Director • Zookeeper • Computer Consultant • Disability Activist • TV Reporter & Videographer • Travel Agent • Commercial Banker • Multimedia Developer

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Winner of the Award of Excellence in the Information Programming category from the Alliance for Children and Television


“MTV meets in this fast-moving 30-volume series that introduces junior high and high school students to 120 (!) careers, ranging from “sportscaster” and “life sciences engineer” to “plumber” and “film and theater set welder.” This series will be very useful in introducing students to far more work and career options (“disability activist,” “fish farm technician,” “cake decorator”) than are found in most career guidance programs. Plus, the cool quotient will ensure the interest of teen viewers. Recommended.” – Video Librarian

“The Get a Life video series is an excellent, step-by-step approach to introducing young people to the career-search process. It is filled with real world examples and helpful ideas.” – Peter G. Ulrich, Director of Guidance, Bergen Catholic High School, Oradell, NJ

“Inspiring Youth-Employment Show Gets New Life… ingenious… …dishes out practical job-counseling advice in a way that seduces its teen audience…The series real genius is that instead of lecturing young people on how to get unglamorous jobs flipping hamburgers or flogging Gap jeans, or spelling out the arduous job to professional life, it spotlights folks who have landed the kinds of jobs kids dream about, almost always on their own terms.
Each half-hour episode features profiles of young TV reporters, professional rock bands, puppeteers, internet designers, and TV producers. Almost none, it turns out, followed conventional paths to their employment… They made it on drive, determination, and an ability to sell themselves. The series emphasis is on entrepreneurship, and making your own opportunities.
But — and here’s the sneaky part — in raising its viewer’s expectations about the job market, it is also passing on information that would help them get any job, even the ones that require you to wear a funny hat and say “Have a nice day!”
The message of the profiles is that keenness and consistency are keys to success in any career. Between these inspirational features are a variety of briefer elements that provide more practical advice. …These suggestions are reinforced by segments called “rants,” strolling editorials by teens and twenty somethings…” -Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen

“Get a Life and Get a Job… This frantic but fact-filled half-hour [collection] pumps out solid tips for job hunting along with weird skits, zany graphics and pounding rock music… Teen-friendly hosts Paula Haffner and Kipp Lightburn (both in their 20s), offer a relaxed and often comic introduction to various segments which can range from quick quips from bosses on what they look for in a resume, to basic “don’ts” for job interviews. Don’t be late, don’t chew gum even if the interviewer does, don’t ask what the company does (you should know already) and don’t forget to bring a copy of your latest report card, even if it’s full of Bs and Cs because ‘it shows you’re proud of your work and you’re organized enough to have it on hand. That’s better than claiming to have scored straight As — but not be able to prove it.’ Get a Life! also offers inspiring profiles of young achievers…” -Louise Brown, The Toronto Star

“Filmed in Canada, the jobs featured are universal. The variety of careers is wide: sportscaster, astrophysicist, puppeteer, greeting card designer, executive chef, magazine publisher, historical researcher, lobbyist, nun, toy company entrepreneur, zookeeper, banker, veterinarian, computer software engineer, race car driver, stonemason, fish farm technician, music therapist, jewelry designer, mechanical engineer, and many more, including career counselor.

From the opening graphic – colorful and fast-moving, with a collage-type effect – through the featured careers and dividing segments to the end credits, there is a hip, humorous, and everything-is-possible sensibility to these videos. Each provides a variety of sights and sounds to see and hear, to which even the most easily bored student could respond.

This set would enhance any career discovery program. There is just enough information given for each career to whet the appetite of the searching student, who could then go on to explore the career more fully in other sources. An appealing style captures the attention and then delivers the information in a package sure to attract any teen. Recommended.” – Educational Media Reviews Online