Abandoned by his father, he was a reform school kid with nothing going for him and a giant chip on his shoulder.



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He joined the Marines, but never stayed far from trouble. Then he discovered acting – and the woman who would be with him for most of his meteoric career. He was Steve McQueen, one of Hollywood’s highest paid stars – and one of its most difficult, most rebellious and, when he wished, most charming. His story is told with film clips from his greatest performances, including The Magnificent Seven, Love With The Proper Stranger, The Cincinnati Kid, The Reivers, The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Bullitt. Also shown are home movies – and the recollections of those who knew him best, including Steve’s first wife, Neile McQueen Toffel and their children, Terri and Chad, fellow actors Chuck Norris, Karl Malden, Don Gordon, as well as directors, producers, agents and the racing buddies who saw it all happen. Narrated by James Coburn.

Extra Features:
• Steve McQueen: Photo Gallery
Meet the Producers slideshow
The Hollywood Collection Preview
• Trailers: Robert Mitchum • Ingrid • Michael Caine • Gregory Peck


“A fascinating job of encapsulating the star and the era (the ‘60’s) with inspired movie clips, James Coburn’s spirited narration and an uncredited jazz-tinged score. For McQueen fans, it’s absolute must viewing.” – Hollywood Reporter

“One worth watching for anyone in need of a McQueen refresher: for anyone who wants to revisit that seminal car chase in Bullitt or maybe catch a nostalgic glimpse of the potent sawed-off carbine he used to tote in Wanted: Dead or Alive.” – Washington Times

“Generous film biography. Fast paced, well done and engrossing.” -Video Choice

“As the title of this interesting hour of television suggests, Steve McQueen was indeed a man on the edge who experienced the intense flavor of existence…worth watching.” – New York Tribune

“This up-tempo celebration of a tempestuous, defiant actor who died of cancer at age 50 is a treat for all McQueen fans as well as film students and cinema buffs.” – Booklist

“This documentary manages to offer praise for McQueen’s work while providing interesting personal anecdotes. A complete examination of the career and personality of a Hollywood star without exploiting either.” – Library Journal

“…Steve McQueen, one of the highest paid motion picture stars of the 1960’s and 1970’s. A three-dimensional Steve McQueen with alluring sex appeal, acknowledged super star, and a subdued defiant man was looking for approval but never finding it. …never reaching the plateau of his desires, yet others saw the making and stardom of Steve McQueen. Highly Recommended” -Educational Media Reviews Online