Celebrate the Jewish “Festival of Lights” with a light, French-inspired Chanukah dinner menu.





LENGTH: 90 Minutes
MSRP PRICE: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20286
UPC #: 6-4603202869-0
ISBN #: 1-56839-211-7

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It begins with a sparkling Consommé Printanier with a colorful sprinkling of carrot, turnip, zucchini, and miniature Chicken Quenelles. Then it’s a silky Cold Mousse of Chicken and Pistachios with a beautiful garnish set in aspic. A soulful Veal Roast with buttery braised lettuce is the hearty centerpiece of the meal. And Jacques serves it with crispy, golden Vegetable Pancakes Tempura — his homage to the traditional Chanukah potato latke. For dessert, there’s a spectacular Frozen Citrus Soufflé surrounded by a crown of freshly-baked lady fingers served alongside a classic rum-soaked Holiday Fruit Cake, brimming with Jacques’ own homemade candied fruit.


“Prepare to experience a French twist on the traditional Chanukah meal as world-renowned chef Jacques Pépin celebrates the Jewish Festival of Lights with a variety of tasty kosher treats. A delectable Consommé Printanier highlighted with zucchini, turnip, carrot, and miniature Chicken Quenelles kicks off the meal, followed by a cold Chicken Mousse with a sprinkling of pistachios set in delicious aspic. A Veal Roast complimented by buttery braised lettuce serves as the main course, with Vegetable Pancakes Tempura offering an innovative variation on the traditional potato latke. Topping off the meal is a Frozen Citrus Soufflé served with fresh baked ladyfingers, and a rum-soaked holiday fruitcake brimming with candied fruit.” ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

“Second only to the recently deceased Julia Child, Pepin represents the best of French cuisine in America. He has had a fascinating career as founder of the Culinary Institute of America and French Culinary Institute, the author of many cookbooks, and a TV celebrity. In this series, Pepin’s daughter, Claudine, acts as sous chef for her famous dad as he demonstrates a series of menus for celebrating truly special occasions—events that demand impressive food. Each selection resembles the foods traditionally associated with the date but also bears the stamp of Pepin’s own traditions, which are inevitably French and gloriously rich-tasting. Easter features salmon and lamb; Graduation highlights peach-glazed ham and Chicken Galantine (boneless whole chicken with a splendid Gallic stuffing); and Summertime serves up salmon and veal. There are elegant openers and fabulous desserts as well. Pepin’s personality adds warmth, charm, and graciousness to each program, as do his personal observations….Highly recommended for all public libraries. Three more series titles cover Christmas, Chanukah, and Thanksgiving. This reviewer is buying the rest of the series for herself!” -Library Journal