Five episodes of the popular, public television series, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska,



LENGTH: 140 Minutes
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PRODUCER: Simple Living LLC

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are offered here to introduce you to a new, more satisfying way of life: frugal, conscious, sustainable living. Simple Living – which made its debut in 2004 as the first nationally syndicated television series of its kind – offers thoughtful ideas and actionable tips for viewers to become:

• Better environmental stewards
• More thoughtful consumers
• Fiscally responsible
• Involved with community

These five programs take you from Chicago to San Diego to America’s “small town” of Mount Airy, NC to show you how to live simply in the city or country, to reduce your carbon footprint and fight global warming, to connect with nature and gardening, and to do a “green remodel” of your own home, as Wanda does with her 1956 brick rancher. This sampler will inspire you to reclaim the good life through simple living.


“the de facto Martha Stewart of the voluntary simplicity movement.” – O, The Oprah Magazine

“If you feel overwhelmed…watch the series.” – The Washington Post

“…A kind of This Old House for the American Dream.” -  Utne Reader

“Wanda Urbanska is a spokeswoman for the simplicity movement.” -  The New York Times

“If you are looking for a more environmentally responsible way, watch Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska. If you are looking for inspiration to live your life in closer alignment with your values, Simple Living – with its delightful stories and useful tips – is the show for you.  Here’s a show that could not be timelier, both for you and for our planet.” – Ed Begley, Jr.

Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska presents five episodes of the popular public television series designed to teach the viewer about ways for more cost-effective, conscientious, and sustainable living. The first nationally syndicated series of this kind, Simple Living shows ways ordinary people everywhere can be better stewards of the environment and more informed consumers, while promoting a strong, positive message of fiscal responsibility and community involvement. From reducing one’s carbon footprint to doing a “green remodel” of one’s home to enjoying the pastime of gardening, Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska is a wonderful and refreshing show – the frugality and energy-saving tips especially are and more valuable than ever during tough economic times. Highly recommended. Midwest Book Review

“Make the city your city; be kind to yourself; keep it green and simple” are the themes of this serial documentary which ran on American Public Television. Host Wanda Urbanska conducts on site interviews in major American cities about land use, energy conservation and urban efforts towards the “green earth” movement. Projects and site visits by Urbanska include green rooftop gardens, city farms on vacant lots, planning natural protected habitats, green business strategies, and requiring green standards for all public buildings. Urbanska then interviews a young Chicago family with two small children who live the “green” lifestyle.

As people move back to the cities, they are able to walk to work, support local markets and partake in communal gardening. The Lewandowski family in Chicago does just that. They do not own a car but bike, take public transportation or “car share.” Jane Lewandowski picks her own vegetables at the community garden, shops locally, prepares the family meals from scratch, uses canvas shopping bags, cloth diapers and napkins; conserves energy by washing clothes in cold water, and line dries laundry in the apartment bathroom. The public library is a place to share ideas, find books, and community events/classes. – Educational Media Reviews Online