“The cost of war is constantly spread before me, written neatly in many ledgers whose columns are gravestones.”



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For that reason, I am constantly moved to find the means to prevent the calamity of war.”- George Marshall He built the mightiest army in history and selected its leaders. Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton all obeyed his commands. And, when victory was won, he bound up the world’s wounds with a plan for European recovery that bore his name. The only soldier ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, he served during his long career as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and President of the Red Cross.

Soldier and statesman, a powerful yet modest patriot, George Marshall is today an almost forgotten hero – a private and introspective man whose influential role in matters of war and peace helped determine the course of the twentieth century. George Marshall and the American Century features rare historical footage and recordings of Marshall and President Roosevelt and Truman, as well as exclusive interviews with General Matthew B. Ridgway, journalist Eric Sevareid, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford and many others. It brings to life the tenacious diplomat and strategist who won battles in both the European theater and on Capital Hill, and recalls the military leader who recognized the somber legacy of war.

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Emmy Award for Outstanding Historical Programming from The National Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences.
CINE Golden Eagle from the Council on International Nontheatrical Events, Washington, D.C.
Silver Apple from the National Educational Film & Video Festival, Oakland, California
Silver Award from Worldfest, Houston, Texas
Red Ribbon from the American Film & Video Association, Chicago, Illinois
The Chris Statuette from the Film Council of Greater Columbus


“A stunningly beautiful story about a great American.” – General Colin L. Powell

“The film, which masterfully interweaves archival film footage with interviews of Marshall’s contemporaries, draws the viewer not only into Marshall’s life and career, but into the world climate in which he lived, and how he conducted himself in that climate. Recollections by General Matthew Ridgway, and Forrest Pogue, Marshall’s official biographer, among others, and archival footage of Truman’s own views of Marshall indicate a modest yet confident man respected by his peers. George Marshall and the American Century is highly recommended for the insightful way in which it presents the life of Marshall, enlightening the audience to a historical legacy far beyond the recovery plan which bears his name.” – Educational Media Reviews Online

“Sure to help resurrect appreciation for George Marshall—a soldier and statesman of rare principle, ability, and modesty… the film’s subject — the only soldier ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize—makes this well worth picking up. Recommended. Three Stars” – Video Librarian

“Soldier and statesman George Marshall is a somewhat enigmatic character. In this powerful documentary, the influence and legacy of the only soldier to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize are beautifully examined. Marshall served as Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, and President of the Red Cross. He helped build one of the mightiest armies in history and selected its leaders, among them Eisenhower and MacArthur. Marshall was the architect of the plan for European recovery after WWII that bore his name. Narrated by E.G. Marshall, George Marshall and the American Century features rare footage of historical events and interviews with those who knew him. The film brings to life an all-but-forgotten American hero.” ~ Cara Saposnik, All Movie Guide