This entertainment special looks at the life and career of one of Hollywood’s consummate leading men, narrated with good humor by Mitch himself.






LENGTH: 59 Minutes – Total Content: 89 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20396
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ISBN #: 1-56839-284-2
PRODUCER: Wombat Productions

His father was half Blackfoot Indian and was killed when Mitch was only two. Raised by a hardworking mother, he hit the rails at twelve and learned the harsh realities of loneliness, insecurity, danger – and declares he enjoyed them. Though he went on to the success, acclaim and wealth that are the rewards of stardom, he always remained true to himself, unwilling to play the Hollywood game.

It includes interviews with family members and colleagues like Polly Bergen, Edward Dmytryk, Jane Greer, Deborah Kerr, Ali MacGraw, Sarah Miles, Chris and John Mitchum, Sydney Pollack and Jane Russell. Also included are clips from The Story Of G.I. Joe, Crossfire, Night Of The Hunter, The Sundowners, Ryan’s Daughter, The Yakuza, Farewell, My Lovely, The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, and others, plus never-before-seen family photographs and home movies.

Extra Features:
• Robert Mitchum: Photo Gallery
Meet the Producers slideshow
The Hollywood Collection Preview
• Trailers: Ingrid • Michael Caine • Gregory Peck


Ace Award, Best Cultural or Performing Arts Special (National Academy of Cable Programming)


“Terrific tribute. Reluctant Star is a treasure trove of memorable observations and recollections.” -Dallas Morning News

“A wonderful installment of the Cinemax Crazy About The Movies documentary series. This engaging Special, with great storytelling by Mitchum and clips from Mitchum films, reveals a Hollywood original.” -The San Diego Union

“Fantastic profile documentary. . .like all other Crazy About the Movies shows, this one is full of clips from the subjects more memorable films.” -The Baltimore Sun

“…entertaining and enlightening and the inside look at Mitchum, who has been in almost 100 films in his career, answers many questions about this renowned star.” -North Jersey Herald & News

“A new Crazy About the Movies tells us that there’s a great deal more to Mitchum than he’d like us to think.” -The Times Picayune

“The strength of this salute to the most lugubrious of great movie stars is the testimony of Mitchum himself…Mitchum rumbles out one good anecdote, one good one-liner, after another.” -Entertainment

“…some great clips of vintage Mitchum classics…”Robert Mitchum: The Reluctant Star” is time well spent with a great star, great clips and absorbing stories.” -Daily Breeze