Join the Roberts family as they explore the nature paradise of Costa Rica in the award-winning series Travel With Kids. Costa Rica’s motto is Pura Vida, Pure Life, and eco-travel is a big draw for the country. Immerse in Costa Rica’s incredible cloud forest preserves, discover gigantic volcanic formations and stroll deserted beaches all the while enjoying Costa Rica’s love of adventure.

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LENGTH: 57 Minutes
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Spot sloths inching along three branches while rafting the whitewater. Hear the booming Arenal Volcano through various lava-tastic explosions. Watch howler monkeys swinging through the branches next to speedy zip lines. Get lost in the misty cloud cover at Monte Verde and explore the rainforest at night. Kids will enjoy the antics of the Roberts’ boys while parents will appreciate practical family travel advice from the parents.

Explore, relax, enjoy. Destination…Costa Rica

Bonus Features:
• Trip Planner with expanded Information on activities, accommodation & transportation
• Family Travel Tips and Resources
• “At Home” section with Language
• Crafts and Recipes
• Bloopers Reel


Very fast-paced and family-friendly, the episodes are packed with tips on sightseeing and transportation suggestions “Highly Recommended” – Educational Media Reviews Online

A standout in the Travel With Kids series, this program made me want to gather up the family and immediately book a flight to what looks like a lush wonderland of natural beauty and adventure. Here, the Roberts family (mom, dad, and two young sons) land in Costa Rica—a country famous for its eco-tourism, where the percentage of rainforest is actually on the rise—and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, with plenty of kid-pleasing fun. The Roberts stay in a hotel within lava-spittin’ distance of an active volcano—where seismic booms provide part of the evening’s entertainment—so viewers witness beautiful nighttime footage of lava flows from atop the crater (and watch computer displays monitoring the movement of the earth that accompanies the regular eruptions and resulting tremors). The foursome takes off on a rafting expedition, along the way spying sleeping bats, a sloth climbing a tree, and the so-called Jesus Lizard (named for its ability to walk on water), and even engage (carefully) in play with poison dart frogs! The family also enjoys museum visits (bats and spiders are a highlight), ride a zip-line high above the forest, and experience the simple pleasures of making and eating a traditional Costa Rican meal of tortillas (from scratch), beans, and rice. DVD extras include a bloopers reel, a trip planner, family travel tips and resources, and a section titled “Costa Rica at Home,” with information on language, crafts, and recipes. Highly recommended. – Video Librarian

“Part of the award-winning “Travel With Kids” series, Travel With Kids: Costa Rica invites the viewer to experience eco-travel and adventure in a nation famous for its beautiful cloud forest preserves, vast volcanic formations, beaches, and family-friendly activities. Following the Roberts’ family’s adventures along with solid travel advice for parents and children alike, Travel With Kids: Costa Rica is an excellent supplement to preparing for a Costa Rican vacation. Bonus features include a trip planner with expanded information on activities, accommodation, and transportation; family travel tips and resources; a “Costa Rica at Home” section offering language and craft activities as well as recipes; and a bloopers reel. Highly recommended.” -Midwest Book Review