Narrated with gentle self-deprecating humor and honesty by the star himself, this Special features clips from such films as Educating Rita, The Man Who Would Be King, Alfie, California Suite, Hannah And Her Sisters, Mona Lisa, Sleuth, Deathtrap, Zulu, and The Ipcress File.




LENGTH: 58 Minutes – Total Content: 87 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
CATALOG #: 20395
UPC #: 6-4603203959-7
ISBN #: 1-56839-283-4
PRODUCER: Wombat Productions

Born into poverty in London, when he first decided to become an actor, he was looked upon with amazement: who did he think he was? But he persevered, starting in repertory theater, then tv, and finally succeeding in becoming one of filmdom’s most versatile stars.

Today, despite those successes, Michael Caine retains a keen memory of his origins. He has refused to abandon the Cockney accent that reflects his roots, or the authentic spirit that bends a knee to no one.

Also included are the recollections of friends, co-workers and family members such as actors Julie Walters, Bob Hoskins, Dyan Cannon, Angie Dickinson, Ben Kingsley, Roger Moore, directors Lewis Gilbert and Sidney J. Furie, and Michael Caine’s wife, Shakira.

Extra Features:
• Michael Caine: Photo Gallery
Meet the Producers slideshow
The Hollywood Collection Preview
• Trailers: Robert Mitchum • Ingrid • Gregory Peck


“This excellent hour, crammed with clips from Caine’s vast repertoire of movies, shows how he studied his chosen craft and was ready when the starring role in Alfie came along.” -Topeka Capital Journal

“It’s hard not be crazy about Michael Caine after viewing the Cinemax Special. . . This program is documentary television at its best and proves that when you get a ‘talking head’ the caliber of Caine, this form of television still works.” -The Hollywood Reporter

“Caine is unusually articulate about his life and career…What makes this such an engrossing hour is hearing Caine talk about his working-class roots…” -Seattle Times

“One can’t help thinking it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…Caine’s tenacity, his love for his work, and the respect and affection from his colleagues, are all parts of this portrait of a nice guy who hasn’t forgotten how difficult life can be.” -New York Daily News

“When Michael Caine was a young man, he said to himself, ‘You can’t rely on your looks. You’ve not got much personality. So what you’ve got to do is learn how to act.’ How well Caine heeded his own advice is amply demonstrated in this Crazy About the Movies celebration of his career.” -TV Guide

“Crazy About the Movies..This documentary series returns with another fascinating look at a big name movie star’s career. This time the profile of Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, better known as Michael Caine.”
-Milwaukee Journal

“…This intriguing career is cheerfully summarized in Cinemax’s latest Crazy About the Movies documentary. Director Gene Feldman elicits warm memories and observations from many of the actor’s friends and co-stars. The hour profile is a fun overview.” -Akron Beacon Journal

“..The rags-to-riches story told by the actor who has never forgotten the people who scoffed at his lofty ambition.” -Entertainment Tonight