It was said of him that in more than seventy films, he never once gave a bad performance.





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He was a charming and unconventional man with a “wild streak” and a compulsion to test himself at every turn. At his peak he became a leading man of immense attractiveness who refused to take fame and adulation seriously while in his later years a weary cynicism seemed to reflect the reality of the world around him.

William Holden’s achievements as an Academy-Award winning, internationally-acclaimed actor are revealed in clips from some of his best films, such as The Golden Boy, Born Yesterday, The Country Girl, Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Sabrina, The Bridge On The River Kwai, The World Of Suzie Wong and Network. Also featured are on-camera interviews with actors Robert Wagner, Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson, Stefanie Powers, Glen Ford, Nancy Olson and Susan Strasberg and co-workers like Sidney Lumet, Robert Wise and Arthur Jacobson.

Extra Features:
• Audrey Hepburn: Photo Gallery
• Meet the Producers slideshow
• The Hollywood Collection Preview
• Trailers: Robert Mitchum • Ingrid • Michael Caine • Gregory Peck


“Excellent biography. You come away from the hour not only liking the man but respecting his huge body of work.” -Daily News

William Holden: The Golden Boy focuses on his notable career and remarkably stable, non-star private life. And as with other shows in this excellent series of film figure profiles, a variety of film industry and other friends comment on his work.” -Knoxville Journal

“An in-depth study of William Holden, the man and the actor . . . this production asks that he be remembered for the glory of his life and not the shabbiness of his death . . . If Hollywood legends are going to be examined this is the way it should be done… not just a glance at the actor but a total look. It makes for interesting television as well as a strong documentation of his life and career.” -Houston Home Journal

“Feldman’s approach to the subject is honest but positive, not negative. Emphasized at the outset is the fact it’s unimportant how (Holden) died but all-important how he lived…” -The Hollywood Reporter

“If Hollywood legends are going to be examined, this is the way it should be done. William Holden: The Golden Boy is not just a glance at the actor, but a total look. It makes interesting documentation of his life and career.” -Holstein Home Journal