Let’s Dance Salsa – The Ultimate Collection 4 DVD Set takes a new approach to teaching Salsa dancing!



LENGTH:  409 Minutes
MSRP: $67.95
DIFFICULTY: Beginner/Advanced/Expert
CATALOG #: 20432
UPC #: 6-4603204329-7
ISBN #: 1-56839-332-6
PRODUCER: Inecom Entertainment Company

In addition to being available as a DVD for home-use only, this title is available to colleges, universities, non-profit institutions and community groups with both Public Performance Rights (PPR) and Digital Site Licenses (DSL). For PPR and DSL ordering information, click here.


Professional dance instructor Marlon Silva teaches beginners and experts alike with his step-by-step detailed instruction. His technique breaks all Salsa moves and combos down into building blocks, which are then assembled into more complicated moves that can be adapted to any music or club atmosphere. Rather than teaching by counting steps, Marlon’s method has taught thousands of students around the country to dance in less time with greater ease.

This is the ultimate collection to take you from beginner to expert in salsa dance. This set includes the first 4 DVDs of Marlon Silva’s premium Salsa dance instruction, which will take you from beginner to expert with tricks and tips unavailable anywhere else. Marlon’s method first establishes a foundation of Salsa essentials, and then adds building blocks, one by one, to ensure comfort and confidence. Advanced steps are merely combinations of the basic building blocks. Enjoy these fun, sexy and easy-to-follow lessons on high-quality video in the privacy of your own home. After these DVDs you will be the master of all that is Salsa dancing!

►Basic Steps – Marlon Silva and his partner, Susie Neff, teach the basic steps of salsa dancing in Marlon’s own style, based on the back-and-forth, or Cumbia step.
►Spinning – Learn how to spin with the right technique, including the three essential points of spinning.
►Couple Dancing – Marlon and Susie demonstrate dancing as a couple, and the proper technique for hand position, resistance, and distance.
►Basic Combination #1 – Marlon and Susie demonstrate techniques for dancing around your partner.
►Basic Combination #2 – Add spice to the combination by spinning around each other in opposite directions.
►Basic Combination #3 – Marlon and Susie demonstrate a push-pull spin, used in many of Marlon’s combinations.
►Basic Spinning Combinations, Part 1 – Marlon and Susie continue their instruction with spinning combinations built upon the shoulder combinations.
►Basic Spinning Combinations, Part 2 – This episode emphasizes rolling your partner in and out, twisting arms, and switching hands, while keeping the same principles you have learned so far.
►Merengue Dancing, Part 1 – Includes beginning steps of Merengue and a history of Merengue.
►Merengue Dancing, Part 2 – Learn a new trend, Jumping Merengue. Also includes some Merengue vocabulary one should know in social situations.
►Stretching Techniques – Instructors Marlon Silva and Susie Neff will get you on the right track with stretching techniques for dancing. Prevent injury, increase flexibility, have fun and look great!
►Cape Combinations – Marlon and Susie demonstrate Cape Combinations for Marlon’s unique style Salsa. Movement in these combinations simulates the spinning of a cape around one partner’s back, and involves a salsa lock where partners stand abreast and lock arms behind each others” necks. The combination ends with a flashy 360-degree spin.
►Intermediate Multiple Spinning Combinations – Learn The Duck and The Tunnel with style and grace that will light up the dance floor. Do you think you can keep up?
►The Vine – The Vine is an intricate mixture of combinations from previous Let’s Dance Salsa lessons which involves twists, spins and rolls in Marlon’s style. End your combination with more spice by leading, spinning, and using hand techniques.
►The Whip – Marlon Silva and Susie Neff demonstrate a dramatic technique for switching directions on the dance floor.
►The Tunnel – The Tunnel involves spinning, locking your partner in front of you, and switching hands over each others” heads to form a tunnel. These moves can be accompanied by a variety of endings involving spins, drills, cape combinations and ducking combinations.
►Merengue Pretzel – This unique combination combines skills learned in the Merengue and Cape Combinations lessons. Marlon and Susie demonstrate the spins, handwork and footwork of the Merengue Pretzel.
►Merengue Combinations – Learn more combinations for Merengue dancing! Marlon and Susie demonstrate Merengue combinations with plenty of ducks and spins, illustrated in both the classical European position and trendy Jumping Merengue style. Also included is how to signal your partner and which hand positions will prevent injury.


Marlon Silva, originally from Latin America, has been called “That red-hot chili pepper of a dance instructor” by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He choreographs, performs and teaches Salsa and Merengue throughout the Western Pennsylvania area. Silva is the host of Inecom Entertainment Company’s Let’s Dance Salsa instructional film series.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Silva has taught Salsa at the Dance Alloy, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Oxford Athletic Clubs. He has choreographed and performed shows at many venues including the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Frick Art Museum and the Shadyside Arts Festival. His hot style of Latin dance has been written about in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and In Pittsburgh Magazine.

Silvas Salsa dance instruction method uses the beat of Salsa music instead of the counting steps method taught by other instructors. This “natural style” of Salsa dancing is easier to learn and more fun on the dance floor. Silva believes that if you can walk, he can teach you to dance Salsa.