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DMConroy March 24, 2015

Sam Baron and Raphael von Blumenthal were childhood friends who have grown up and become serious filmmakers.  Now their short film Windscreenwiperman debuts. Baron directed this fictional short with Blumenthal in the lead role. Blumenthal’s character discovers through Facebook.  After skipping through random connections with people who are either boring or naked in the video chatroom, he… Continue Reading »


Uncle Andy: The Andy Warhol Family Film

DMConroy March 12, 2015

The Pop Art movement arrived in the U.S. at the same time as the Bond movies and Beatlemania, and it challenged traditional values while exalting mass culture.   Andy Warhol Americanized the style and was among the first to recognize pop culture as the convergence of artistic style and mass production. Now, Andy’s own niece Abby Warhola is directing a documentary about the artist… Continue Reading »


Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

DMConroy December 31, 2014

In the upcoming documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, filmmaker Tim Mahoney brings together archaeologists and theologians to reevaluate the validity of the Bible’s Exodus story.  In the past century, Egyptologists have found scant evidence to support the biblical story of Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to freedom across the Red Sea.  This has prompted skepticism… Continue Reading »


The Dog by co-directors Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren

DMConroy August 18, 2014

On August 22, 1972,  John Wojtowicz and Salvatore Naturale attempted to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank in Gravesend, Brooklyn.  The NYPD police arrived on the scene in just moments and what ensued was a 14 hour hostage situation inside of the bank. Just a few years later, Sydney Lumet directed Dog Day Afternoon which was based on Wojtowicz and Naturale’s… Continue Reading »


Dokdo: A Documentary Film

DMConroy July 30, 2014

In the Russo-Japanese War at the beginning of the 20th century, Russia’s incursion into the Korean Peninsula prompted a conflict with the Japanese empire.  As its first step in establishing a defense against the Russian invaders, the Japanese built a naval base on Dokdo which lies in the middle of the Sea of Japan between Korea and… Continue Reading »


Whitey: United States of America V. James J Bulger

DMConroy June 25, 2014

In The Departed, Jack Nicholson plays a depraved crime boss managing a brutal gang in South Boston.  Nicholson’s foul language, vicious demeanor, and accent in the movie were inspired by the notorious James “Whitey” Bulger.  Bulger was a longtime crime boss who reigned over almost all of Boston’s criminal activity. Starting at a very young age,… Continue Reading »


“The Pleasures of Being Out of Step: Notes on the Life of Nat Hentoff”

DMConroy June 25, 2014

Nat Hentoff is the name of a legendary figure in jazz music and libertarian philosophy.  He was a journalist in the mid-twentieth century, writing about jazz and rock ‘n’ roll.  He befriended Duke Ellington and John Lennon on both professional and personal levels.  The Village Voice published Hentoff’s commentary and criticism of American music and… Continue Reading »


I Am for Peace: A Student Documentary for Change

DMConroy June 6, 2014

Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Public School system has been overwhelmed with crowded classrooms and understaffed faculties.  Students are not granted free transportation to school.  160 schools do not even have a library.  And there are only 370 social workers in the school system to bear the casework of over 15,000 homeless children.  The Chicago… Continue Reading »


The Viking of 6th Avenue

DMConroy June 5, 2014

Louis Hardin, Jr. was born and raised on farms in the midwest where he learned to play the drums while marching the high school marching band.  In an accident on the farm involving dynamite, he lost his sight at the age of 16.  He went on to attend schools for the blind throughout the middle… Continue Reading »


Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret

DMConroy June 3, 2014

When Food, Inc. was released in 2008, the documentary exposed the grisly facts about the industrialization of American agriculture.  Many people were alarmed by seemingly deficient standards of cleanliness and animal rights groups were outraged by perceived abuses of farm animals. Now, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn are filming Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret to reveal the… Continue Reading »

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