This is a rare look at one of the worst horror stories in the long infamous history of warfare. This series features captured German and Russian film footage, much of which has never been seen before.

For decades the Cold War prevented us from looking closely at what really happened between the Russians and the Germans on the Eastern Front during World War II. More than a struggle between nations, it pitted maniacal tyrant against maniacal tyrant, evil ideology against evil ideology. The lives of tens of millions of human beings were consumed by its raging hatreds and appalling indignities. One in every ten Russians died. One in every four Poles died. Whole divisions of Italians, Romanians, Hungarians disappeared with barely a trace. An average of 17,800 people died on every single day – and this, the war on the Russian German Front, lasted for 1,400 days. The series is narrated with chilling precision by actor Douglas Rain. The script, by producer Jerry Lawton, is dark and powerful. The music, by composer Rick Hyslop, captures every nuance of tragedy with discordant clarity. The series features captured German and Russian film footage, much of which has never been seen in the United States.



LENGTH: 3 x 60′
FORMAT: Series
CAMERA: 16mm
SUPPLIER: CTV Television, Inc.
RIGHTS TERRITORY: Worldwide exclusive of Canada
NOTES: Also available as 6 x 23 Minutes


Episode 101: The Politics of Fear Darkness descended on Eastern Europe when Hitler and his generals, smug and arrogant, in command of the superlative army which had prostrated France and humbled England, looked eastward, supremely confident that they would now easily destroy Russia.

Episode 102: Darkness Descends

Episode 103: The Killing Ground Russia, 1941. The worst winter in 140 years. The tide had turned, and the advantages were now with the Russians. The Germans, in despair, were thrown back, 20 miles, 50, 100, 200 miles. Their generals, in panic, wanted to retreat. An enraged Hitler ordered them to fight to the end.

Episode 104: The Tide Turns

Episode 105: Vengeance Reaped

Episode 106: Breakout to Berlin The debilitating, humiliating defeat at Stalingrad early in 1943, was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. No more stupendous victories, only vicious, blood-spilling defeats. For the final push towards Berlin, Russia assembled an army of unimaginable size and strength – 74 armies, 743 divisions, 15,000 tanks, and 15,000 planes.


“The video gives a good explanation of weapons, tactics, and personalities, set against the larger picture of cruelty, fanatical bravery, and political intrigue…. The series is recommended for viewers with a strong interest in military history. The other volumes in the set are:THE POLITICS OF FEAR and THE KILLING GROUND” – *** Stars – Video Librarian

“Overall, this series is well produced and scripted…. an able narration combined with riveting footage and a powerful musical score makes this essential for both history buffs and scholars of World War II.” – Library Journal