Visit Wales (key art)Former BBC presenter Rachel Hicks takes viewers on a journey around Wales visiting major tourist attractions as well as lesser known hidden gems — from Aberystwyth on the west coast to Anglesey in the north and Abergavenny in the east to Tenby in the south.

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LENGTH: 1 x 60 Minutes
FORMAT: Special
SUPPLIER: Camrose House
RIGHTS TERRITORY: Worldwide excluding the UK

Filmed in High Definition this travelogue features former BBC presenter Rachel Hicks as she travels across Wales from Aberystwyth on the Irish Sea to Abergavenny in the east, from Anglesey in the north to Tenby on the southern coast. Viewers will discover the delights of Port Meirion, ride a narrow gauge train on the Ffestiniog Railway and look around the St. Fagans National History Museum near Cardiff. Celtic burial chambers, castles, museums, mountains, lakes, leisure parks, the smallest city in Britain and even a whiskey distillery — they are all on this comprehensive DVD tour of this fascinating country!


In this beautifully filmed and informative travelogue visit to Wales—a part of the United Kingdom, but officially bilingual (Welsh and English)—former BBC presenter Rachel Hicks takes viewers on a guided tour of sites ranging from ancient dwellings to huge castles and modern marvels. While the Egyptians were building the pyramids, settlers in Wales were constructing burial monuments resembling Stonehenge, with multi-ton rocks intricately placed one atop another in a remarkable feat of engineering. The Welsh castles, of course, offer rugged reminders of how lords and kings relied on a show of might to keep the populace in order, yet today, some of these crumbling remains are used for tourists and residents to don wetsuits and take a plunge into the cold ocean waters. Remnants of the Industrial Age also live on, with steam-powered trains (perfectly restored and transporting passengers), museums dedicated to the early mining industry, and aqueducts still in operation. Wales is also known as the land of song, and for arguably its most famous son—writer and poet (and inspiration-to-Bob) Dylan Thomas. Here, viewers will see the boathouse in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire where Thomas wrote Under Milk Wood, a play chronicling a day in the life of an imaginary Welsh seaside village. A fine addition for travel collections, this is recommended.-Video Librarian

Wales, according to host Rachel Hicks, is a mixture of sleek new buildings and ancient ruins. Accompanied by a camera crew, Hicks hop-scotches across the country, from Aberystwyth on the Irish Sea to Abergavenny in the east and Anglesey on the southern coast. There seems to be something for all types of tourists, with Hicks sampling everything from castles and museums to train rides and a whiskey distillery. History buff can explorer Celtic burial chambers, castles and museums, while adventures might enjoy surfing and kayaking; gourmands will appreciate food festivals; and shoppers will find much to buy, including handcrafted lace and wood carvings. The scenery is beautiful, and the appealing guide takes viewers to a nice mix of populated and secluded areas. This nicely shot program shows the beauty and diversity of Wales. – Booklist

For anyone who wants to find out more about this fascinating country, this video highlights Wales and all of its major tourist attractions and hidden gems. If you get a chance to visit, this video is a great planning guide. Highly Recommended – Educational Media Reviews Online