Scrapbook Memories is now Scrapbook Soup!

Scrapbook Soup is an exciting new Public Television program for scrapbookers of all ages and walks of life. It offers a mix of ideas, supplies, and designs. All in one Scrapbook Soup!

Viewers will find it brimming with fresh ingredients for scrapbooking and paper crafting, continuing where a past favorite Scrapbook Memories left off. The show features a delectable mix of designers, authors, and bloggers and a generous portion of mixed media with a dash of paint, pens, and new products for the scrapbooker – sprinkled with scrapbook pages, cards, and paper projects.


LENGTH:  Scrapbook Soup (52 x 30) Scrapbook Memories (198 x 30)
FORMAT: Series
CAMERA: Digibeta
ASPECT RATIO: Scrapbook Soup: Season 100 – 300 (16:9) Scrapbook Memories Seasons 100 – 1500 (SD 4:3); Season 1600 (widescreen 16:9)
ASPECT RATIO: 4:3 and 16:9
SUPPLIER: KS Productions

Stirring it up each week are hosts Julie McGuffee and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Each brings their own creative perspective to the show. Beginner and seasoned scrapbookers will feast heartily on inspiration and information about the latest tools and techniques. We guarantee that you’ll find some great recipes on Scrapbook Soup that give a whole new flavor to scrapbooking!

Scrapbook Soup, Series 400

401 Cards:  Make your own special occasion with a unique card.  First, Jenn Mason creates a photo card. Next, May Flaum uses a stamped image for her card design. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer interviews Kazan Clark.  Then, Julie shows how to create a card background using photo corners. Last, Julie creates a card with a house shaped cut out.

402 Off the Page:  Our designers are not content to stay on the page. First, Kazan Clark embellishes mason jars with die cut flowers. Jenn Mason talks with Julie about her creative process in a short interview. Next, Kathy Cano-Murillo shares her technique for creating a colorful sugar skull to embellish an album or journal. Julie shares a last technique using sugar skulls and flowers to embellish Halloween themed mason jars.

403 Stencils:  This show offers lots of new tips and techniques using stencils.  Create your own stencil and learn about masking with Jenny Barnett Rohrs. A short interview features Stacy Julian as she shares her system of “get it done fast”. Then, Julie demonstrates a layering technique using new stencil designs. Last, Julie shares more stenciling tips using stamping, painting, doodling and more.

404 Technology:  See how new machines are making their mark on your scrapbook page. Kazan Clark creates a stencil with a die cut machine and then shows how to etch on glass. Julie interviews Jenny Barnett Rohrs about how social media inspires crafting. Then, Joe Rotella uses computer software to create a snowflake Christmas ornament. Julie wraps things up with a lesson on design featuring a scrapbook page picturing family members.

405 Books:  If one page is good, a whole bunch is better. This show focuses on books. First, host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses colorful paint pens to create an art journal page of doodled leaves. Next, Joe Rotella shares secrets of book binding demonstrating a piano hinge style binding.  Then, Stacy Julian makes a treasures theme album with gold glittery elements. Last, Julie uses an electronic cutter to make numerous triangle shapes to embellish a cover for an album.

406 Your Personal Touch:  Add a personal touch to your scrapbooking to make it uniquely your own. First, Julie shows how to use your handwriting to add a personal touch. Next, Stacy Julian makes a pocket scrapbook with a flower theme. In an interview segment, Kathy Cano-Murillo shares her creative process.  Then, Julie uses colorful fluorescent pens to embellish a page with journaling and doodling. Last, Julie shows how to use watercolors to create a card for a pocket scrapbook page.

407 Mixed Media Techniques:  Don’t’ be afraid to get a little bit messy. This show is all about mixing it up with mixed media. Kathy Cano-Murillo creates a color page with acrylic paint and water. Next, Julie demonstrates mono printing. Then Dina Wakley uses filmstrips, dyed cheesecloth and spray ink to create a page layout. Last, Julie uses office supplies and household items to create texture on her scrapbook pages.

408 Words and Lettering:  Words and lettering can add an interesting element to your scrapbooking. First, May Flaum creates a canvas with a stamped bird and word cut outs. Next, Julie has some tips for hand lettering. Then, Dina Wakley demonstrates paint and ink techniques using a stencil with gesso and pattern resist. Julie has a last tip for embellishing and using letter stickers.

409 All in the Family:  Guests on this show share ways to celebrate friends and family.  First, Kazan Clark creates a magnet board with bottle caps. Next, Julie interviews Dina Wakley. Then, Stacy Julian shows how to make a family tree album. Last, Julie makes pop up place cards.

 410 Make Your Own Embellishments:  Use cutting tools, stamps, pens and markers to make customized embellishments. Julie shows how to embellish paper flowers with watercolor markers for her page layout. Next, Jenn Mason demonstrates how to make fabric tape. Then, Joe Rotella uses paper collage with scraps to cover a wooden tea box. Last, Julie uses several techniques to embellish a paper tag.

411 Die Cutting:  Cutting has gotten very sophisticated – the newest tools allow us to do things we never thought possible. First, Jenny Barnett Rohrs demonstrates an inlaid die cutting technique to create card designs. Kazan Clark uses die cutting plus embossing to create straw toppers and more. Julie shares a last tip for transforming die cuts with a variety of techniques and tools, from doodles and stamps to markers and pens.

412 Paint and Ink:  This episode features paint and ink techniques. First, Dina Wakley uses paint and ink to create a vibrant watercolor background for her page layout.  Julie interviews Joe Rotella about his glass etching project. Then, Kathy Cano-Murillo tie dyes fabric to use as a background for her page layout. Last, Julie creates a tie dye look with a watercolor technique.

413 Flowers:  Flowers fill this episode. First Julie embellishes tags with a floral watercolor design to use on a page layout. Then Julie interviews May Flaum. Next, Kathy Cano-Murillo uses more flowers with her signature glitter style to add to her scrapbook page. Last, Julie cuts and pieces flower designs to use as card embellishments.

Scrapbook Soup, Series 300

This season, the overall theme is “life style” scrapbooking.  Keep track of day to day moments and create a visual history of life in our scrapbook recipes.

301 A Day in the Life:  The main reason we scrapbook is to capture those individual moments in time and keep them forever. Capture a moment in time in a scrapbook page, learn heat embossing with Kelly Purkey, and make a project life double page spread featuring a week in the life of Ali Edwards.  A mix of ideas, supplies and designs – all in one Scrapbook Soup!

302 Cards for Everyday Occasions:  Every occasion no matter how big or small deserves a card – and today we’ve got designs for everyday occasions. Today’s soup includes lacy  pop up cards with a graphic design, some tasty treat cards featuring a lemonade stand with Sara Naumann, and translating a layout into a card with Nancy Nally. Lots of cards and ingredients in one Scrapbook Soup.

303 Point of View:  Scrapbooking for your life means capturing events and moments that are all about you.  It’s creating projects with a very personal point of view.  Our show includes: “Who I am becoming”, a personal page reflecting today, a vintage collage layout using paints to add ephemera with Paula Nelson-Hart, and a tribute to “who you are” with Kim Hupke; projects about us all on today’s Scrapbook Soup.

304 3D Projects:  Today’s menu features useful 3D scrapbook projects. We make pencils with an artful touch, a scrapbook grid layout to celebrate daily life with Ali Edwards, and a scrapbook inspired tote using kaleidoscopes with Joe Rotella. Stir them all together for one fabulous Scrapbook Soup.

305 Add-ons:  Soup would be pretty boring if it was just broth.  Scrapbook pages might also suffer the same fate without some interesting add-ons to rev them up.  Explore beyond the norm with media mixage with Stacey Caron, add bezels, ribbon and buttons to create texture and dimension.  Make a die cut frame with Jenny Barnett Rohrs and use up scraps of patterned paper in a grid design with Ronda Palazzari. Today’s Scrapbook Soup is stocked with new ingredients.

306 Meeting of Art and Craft:  Join us as we mix art, craft and scrapbook for a delicious result. Scrapbook meets art and craft as we write on gesso, learn a technique for making decorative tissue tape with Sara Naumann, and embellish our way to a great frame using a hoop with Vicki O’Dell.

307 It’s All in the Details:  It’s the little things that count – from the tiniest embellishment to the handwritten letter – it’s all in the details today on Scrapbook Soup.  Create simple cut out graphic cards, learn about packing tape photo transfer with Sara Naumann, and   backgrounds almost as pretty as the picture in a prom layout with Stacey Caron– today on Scrapbook Soup.

308 Different Materials:  New materials are the spice to your scrapbook soup.  Every dish needs a little dash of pepper to add some flavor. It’s
the same with scrapbooking – bland is not very interesting.  Fill in the spaces of your letters with paper on the “attitudes in generosity” page, build on a core to add dimension with Stacey Caron for a cherished layout, and projects  featuring paper, acetate and glass from Sara Naumann; a spicy mix today on Scrapbook Soup.

309 Keeping Up:  Make technology your friend. It’s hard to keep up with each and every new trend but you can find your favorites and use them to your advantage.  We begin with an awesome page, then it’s a project life page with Nancy Nally using  instagram photos, and finally a family heirloom with modern techniques but historic info from Paula Nelson-Hart. Great for young family members to get to know their heritage and for older family members to remember and reflect.

310 Paint Your Way:  Raid your art box for paint and gesso as we paint our way to fantastic layouts. Create Stencils with Jenny Barnett Rohrs,  a layout from Ronda  Palazzari with a technique for changing patterned paper into unique embellishments with gesso, and watercolors, and the fourth level (that’s more than the third!) of dimension from Kim Hupke on a page entitled “my girl”.

311 Casual:  Scrapbooking can get very regimented – with the right way to use a product or the correct way to lay out a page. Today we’re encouraging a more casual approach – one that fits your life style and design aesthetics. Take a casual approach  to your scrapbooking with two “hello” themed pages, scrapbook sketches  from Kelly Purkey, and five ways to use lattice designs from Sara Naumann.

312 Mini Books:  Good things come in small packages. Create a mini book from a 3D kaleidoscope with Joe Rotella, a mini journal with Jenny Barnett Rohrs, and 3D sculptured surface for your journal with Kim Hupke. All today on Scrapbook Soup.

313 Alphabet Soup:  It’s always fun to test out new techniques possibly using some of your favorite supplies in a new way. Today’s menu features alphabet soup. Make a best friend’s page featuring watercolors. Use glue as paint to create a unique resist  and stencil and an organizer from Vicki O’Dell that reflects your scrapbook style.

Scrapbook Soup, Series 200

The overall theme for this season is journaling – think outside the box with us as Scrapbook Soup hosts look at words, phrases and thoughts, and how they all fit into scrapbooking.

201 Digital Scrapbooking: Learn how to use software, online resources, Facebook, twitter, blogs and more in your scrapbooking. We begin with a digital scrapbook page with Patty Debowski.  Then learn how to maximize your time online with Joe Rotella. Next create a petal picture using software and photos.  We finish up with “all about blogs” with Nancy Nally.

202 Mini albums – small in size – big on ideas: We continue with the overriding theme of journaling and words but the platform is albums in all shapes and sizes. We begin with a teeny micro album. Then it’s a keepsake album with lots of pockets.  Next Amy Ballew shows us a unique storybook style album. And finally Joe Rotella is back with an album for storing ideas.

203 Not a person in sight!: Not one photo of a person – find out how to journal and scrapbook without people. It all starts with a photo – but who says it has to be a person?   We begin with an embossed card with Marion Emberson.  Then meet Susan Lenart Kazmer for a dress form collage.  Next Nancy Nally helps us update our design style with ways to make your scrapbooking more contemporary. Finally a photo of a building is the inspiration for a page.

204 Quick and Easy Journaling: Why we scrapbook is an important question.  It can be to preserve memories, chronicle events or can play an important part in the life story of people with memory loss issues such as Alzheimer’s. This episode shows ways to use scrapbooking in your life and get those pictures out of your phone and computer. We begin with scrapbooking with a purpose especially for those with memory loss.  Then its unique journaling with Erin Madsen.  Next is a lettering tutorial and finally a page featuring dimensional flowers with Stacey Caron.

205 Coordinated Looks: There was a time when your shoes had to match your purse and  stripes were never worn with plaids; today’s style is a lot more eclectic  and old ideas of what matches have gone by the wayside  but  there is a design aesthetic  built around coordinating looks. We begin with a tea party with Rachel Carlson. Then its 3 coordinated looks from one collection with Mellissa Francis. Next, stamps and dies that match with Stacey Caron. Finally we have a way to enhance 3 d embellishments for a coordinated look with Marion Emberson.

206 Parties and Garlands: Today’s soup ingredients all add up to fabulous celebrations.  You can use your paper crafting supplies for lots of unique items. Stacey Caron is back with butterfly favors for a perfect party.  Then make a banner with Tonya Lutz. Next try a welcome banner from old photos and finally wedding accessories with Rachel Carlson. Celebrate with scrapbook soup.

207 New Materials: New materials or flavors are the spice to any soup – and it’s the same for our projects.  We begin with a wildlife photo frame on canvas.  Then we have new life for an old photo with embellishments from Stacey Caron.  Next add paint and more for a special page.  Finally it’s embossing on various materials with Suzy West.

208 Page Maps and Templates: When your creativity seems to falter, guides and templates can be the jump start to your projects.  We begin with a template for your doodles.  Then it’s a teen page featuring cut and fold techniques using dies with Stacey Caron.  We continue with a   formula for double page layouts featuring paint and finish up with cards from leftovers with Rachel Carlson.

209 Story Books: Every picture tells a story and so should every scrapbook page and album.   We begin with a butterfly page featuring the story of a vacation.  Then it’s an altered journal with Susan Lenart Kazmer. Next create a jotbook of everyday life with Nancy Hill and finally we create a party atmosphere with scrapbook papers.

210 Wall Art: Get out your photos and scrapbook supplies to create one of a kind wall art.   We begin with a framed kaleidoscope photo using software.  Then it’s a new way to hang pictures for wall art for all occasions with Marilyn Gossett.  Then we have embossing ideas for a broken glass look with Suzy West and finally make a kid’s bulletin or dry erase board.   All great wall art projects!

211 Unusual Pages: All pages are not the same!   They can be square or round, large or small, single or double –   there is a huge variety of page styles and sizes.  We begin with printing right on 12 x 12 paper in your printer with Patty Debowski.  Then it’s an album just for postcards. Next make a special friend’s layout in a new size.  We finish up a baby layout with a special element from Stacey Caron.

212 Transparent Looks: This episode features projects, techniques and materials for a transparent look.   We begin with a card remake using transparent inks.  Then it’s see thru lace on a wedding page with Stacey Caron. Next, create all different tags with translucent embossing powders with Suzy West. Finally meet Jenny Barnett Rohrs for some hints on tools for easier crafting.

213 3D: Add another dimension to your scrapbooking with embellishments that pop off the page and 3 d home dec. We begin with a birds nest basket with Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Then create an all occasion card featuring 3 d embellishments made from a mold with Marion Emberson.  Next make a wood card box to hold multiple cards for every occasion. Finally we build a great wood organizer for your scrapbook desk.

Scrapbook Soup, Series 100

101 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer opens the show demonstrating a technique for upcycling wrapping paper. Next, Tonya Lutz uses a variety of techniques with colored pens, pencils, rubber stamps, and inks to design a scrapbook page. Then, Jo Pearson creates an angel using a papier mache mannequin.  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares a final idea for using tissue paper dress patterns to embellish pages, cards, and journals.

102 Christina Mauch is featured in the first segment teaching special techniques for creating paper dolls. Next, Kathy Kromer creates a whimsical photo collage using scrapbook paper and 3D embellishments. Then, Julianna Hudgins creates dimensional banners. Last, Kathy Peterson gives tips for designing a military shadow box with the help of a mobile scanner. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Find is a military album.

103 The first segment features Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creating a romantic page layout using paper flowers and painting techniques. Then, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to make zentangle earrings. Next, Jo Pearson demonstrates foam block printing. Last, Jennifer McCord shows how to create celebration banners. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Find is a clear stamp maker.

104 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses pen and ink techniques in the first segment. She shows how to embellish  Facebook and blog calling cards and a tin to hold them. Next, Emma Lou Beechy demonstrates how to make a three dimensional stamped flower without hand cutting to decorate a scrapbook page. Then, Kathy Peterson makes a cute and girly scrapbook shopping bag using designs created with a mobile scanner. Last, Jo Pearson demonstrates decorating candles with special tissue paper designs. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Find is textured white paper and techniques to color it.

105 Jo Pearson appears in the first segment demonstrating fun and festive banners. Next, Christina Mauch decorates a glass frame with pen and marker doodles. Then, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to emboss and cut simple three dimensional cards and notes. Last, Julie McGuffee uses a rhinestone setter to add sparkle to pages and cards. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Finds include transfer artist paper and a button punch.

106  The first segment features Jenn Mason showing how to create a 3D mixed media shadow box. Next, Jo Pearson shares decorative techniques for recycling boxes into gift bags. Then, Jennifer McCord makes a paper quilt and flower sampler embellished with paper rosettes. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer closes with an innovative decorating technique that uses packing tape transfers.

107 Julianna Hudgins opens the show with a cut and embossed fall card. Next, Julie McGuffee creates an Advent calendar using a decoupage technique.  Then, Jo Pearson shows how to make a canvas wall hanging. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares a final idea for using glue resist to embellish paper craft and fabric projects.

108 In the first segment Tonya Lutz uses a variety of techniques with colored pens, pencils, rubber stamps, and inks to design a scrapbook page Then, Kathy Kromer creates a decoupaged keepsake love letters box. Then, Jennifer McCord shows how to decorate a frame with rolled patterned paper. Last, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to stamp and paint with household objects.

109 Jo Pearson opens the show with a sophisticated and fun party scape. Next, Lynell Harlow uses double glitter techniques to create fabulous card designs. Then, Julie Fe-Fan Balzer decorates drawer knobs with colored pens. Last, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses special computer software to create funky kaleidoscope pendants. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Finds are a surface technique book and tools to simulated sewing stitches.

110 The first segment features Julie Fei-Fan Balzer demonstrating simple art journaling. Then, Christina Mauch creates a vintage shabby chic page that she uses as framed art. Next, Jo Pearson makes bird cages that can be used as a party centerpiece or as a home décor accent. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares a last idea – Washi tape – what it is and how to use it decoratively with paper craft projects.

111 The show opens with Kathy Kromer demonstrating how to decorate candles with alcohol inks. Then, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to use oil pastels with a scratch art technique. Next, Nancy Hill uses specialty papers to create flowers and other items. Julie Fei-Fan wraps up the show with an idea for using security envelopes to create embellishments for cards and pages.

112 Jenn Mason is featured in the first segment showing how to create a recycled pocket journal. Then, Kathy Kromer demonstrates a wall art project created with a special technique using packing tape to make a photo transfer. Then, Julie McGuffee shares ideas for personalizing coffee mugs, cell phones, electronic tablets, key chains, and other items. Last, Julie McGuffee creates unique buttons with a brad maker. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Find is paper roses.

113 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer demonstrates 3D paper stars using special computer software in the opening segment. Next, Julianna Hudgins creates an ornately embellished journal using a die cutting machine. Then, Lynell Harlow demonstrates how to create elegant flocked cards. Last, Kathy Kromer shows how to embellish a personal art journal with pens and markers. Julie McGuffee’s Fabulous Find is using paper clay and fabric embellishments creatively.

Scrapbook Memories Season 1600 (16:9 widescreen)

1601 All Occasions:  First we feature an every occasion spinner rack – it’s a new way to feature cards, photos, and memorabilia. Then, Julie will be on location with artist Suze Weinberg –as they get all dressed up in the first artist to artist segment!  Last, Julianna Hudgins completes our all occasion lineup with paper crafting at its best.

1602 Kids and Babies: One thing that never changes is our love of scrapbooking our kids and families. First, Julie and Beth have a perfect baby album – not only is it adorable but it’s very easy and includes some cards to match. Then, Julianna Hudgins is back with great ideas for scrapbooking for kids. Last, artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer introduces clear embossing techniques.

1603 Cutouts and Die Cuts : There are so many ways of making a shape. This show previews the newest. Julianna Hudgins starts out with fabric appliqués – of course she has a great way to cut them out.  Then, Beth and Julie create a banner from precut shapes – you’ll be seeing lots of banners this season. Finally, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero prints, punches and cuts for a unique shaped card.

1604 Home Dec Accents: There are a few key trends changing the face of scrapbooking. The first is the introduction of all different mixed media components like paint and glitter. The second is using scrapbook supplies for other paper crafts like banners, cards and today’s theme which is home dec. The show opens with Julianna Hudgins showing how to create simple home accents with texture. Then, travel with Julie to see home dec at its best with Cynthea Sandoval – she even has a scrapbook kitchen. Lastly, Lisa Singer creates a framed wall art project.

1605 Cards: First is Julianna Hudgins and card making 101. Then, we depart a little from cards to meet special guest Nikki Sivils as she shows how to make patterned paper work together on layouts. Finally, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates watercolor cards.

1606 Alphabets and Letters: The show’s topic is ABC’s. There are so many different font choices, and ways of creating and using letters. First it’s time for a little love with some very large letters from Lisa Singer. Then, Nikki Sivils is back with 3D layouts. Finally, we end with our ABC’s again and Julianna Hudgins.

1607 Mix It Up: Mixed media is the most prevalent new idea in scrapbooking. This trend is introducing many new materials to scrapbooking and becoming a new category. The first project is from Rebekah Meier – this is true mixed media with canvas on wood and lots of surface technique. Next, meet Melody Langworth with all different techniques – rubber stamping is a great bridge between various media. Last, we create translucent embellishments with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

1608 Vacation: The show focuses on unique ways to remember special trips. Julianna Hudgins opens the show with a vacation tag book. Then, in our artist to artist segment, join Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on location with Mou Saha and a page entitled “Swim” – its summer fun at its best. Finally we have an album, frame and series of pages all in one – these are themed kits from exotic places.

1609 Books and Albums: This show features the newest ideas for displaying photos in books or albums. First is Julianna Hudgins demonstrating a unique album project. Then, meet Kim Hupke for an interesting way of cutting and embossing. Last, it’s a layout inspired by coordinating supplies. The page is too pretty to hide in an album-it is perfect for framing.

1610 Flowers: When you’re looking for a touch of color on a layout – nothing is easier than adding flowers. They can signify the season, bring a feminine touch, and also add just about any sentiment. First, Julianna Hudgins combines flowers and phrases for a pretty project. Then, travel on location with Julie and Noreen McKee for miniature blooms as an accent on cards. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer wraps up the show with some quick techniques for decorating fabric blooms.

1611 Celebrations: Scrapbooking often revolves around a celebration – a birthday, wedding, and anniversary. It makes sense to not only create  pages to commemorate those events but also use paper supplies to actually create the party – making things like banners, table decorations and more. First, Julianna Hudgins shares her own party theme. Then, we meet Suzi Guerzi with some wonderful stickers as we travel on location. Finally, we create a domino frame with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – the perfect gift.

1612 Specialty: There are always new specialty items for scrapbookers. First, it’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer with a great photo canvas. Then, we head on location with Julie to learn about new uses for buttons. Next, Beth visits with Julianna Hudgins on location creating cards with a new technique. Last, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero returns with some fascinating nested cards using software options for creating unique cards.

1613 Mix It Up Again: More than any other trend – mixed media is changing the face of scrapbooking. First, Julie and Beth demonstrate how to create a banner from chipboard featuring dress form shapes. Then, in the artist to artist segment, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer interviews Claudine Hellmuth. Finally, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer returns to the show creating a photo magnet.

Season 1500 (4:3)

1501 Green Scrapbooking: Lisa Singer joins us for a perfect teen project – mixed media photo frames hung from a recycled hanger. Then, meet Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, she’s recycling a tyvek envelope to create a card featuring a butterfly. Next, Linda Sattgast creates sepia toned photos – it’s a great way to reuse an existing photo for a new project. Last up, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is back with the first of 5 special lessons for this season – Julie is presenting design principles for scrapbooking and just about any craft.  The first is “contrast”.

1502 Specialty Albums: Our first guest is Vicki Gurney.  We’re going to learn how to make our own custom books and albums with a special tool. Then, its time for Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and how to make your own custom buttons for a personalized layout. Last up, meet Patti Wilkinson and create a personal journal built from paper strips for a super fast technique.

1503 Home Dec: First up, decorate your home with a glitter shadow box frame to highlight your favorite pictures. Then, meet Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero for a very unique home décor project using the computer. We’re making a candle holder from photos. Last up, Stacey Caron features embossed metal on a wood frame- perfect for any décor.

1504 Organize and Save Time: Lisa Singer decorates acrylic photo frames with custom glitter embellishments for a quick and easy project. Then, it’s design lesson #2 from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, and all about the concept of “emphasis”. Just how do you decide what’s most important on your project? Last up, Vicki Gurney returns to decorate album covers with unique embellishments.

1505 History of Scrapbooking: Barbara Kotsos is first with information on web sites that feature family history. Next, it’s time to create some current history with Helen Chu.  She’s adding dimension and pizzazz with overlays, die cuts, and alphabets. Then Julie Fei-Fan Balzer returns with a lesson on transferring photos to canvas. Finally, Kristy Day creates a vintage recipe book featuring her grandmothers writing.

1506 Scrapbooking with Kids: Julie Stephani plans the perfect kid’s party including decorations, banners, favors and more. Then Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has a project called inchies. These are mini designs for cards, pages, and embellishments.  Last up, create ornaments; this is a perfect family project.

1507 Mixed Media: First, is a great mixed media book with a variety of materials. Then, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer returns with a metal technique including embossing plus much more. Last up, Stacey Caron is back with the perfect wedding ensemble and very subtle use of new materials.

1508 Keepsakes: What better way to create a keepsake then by adding a personal message or recording a voice or song? We’ll show how to add sound to your pages and albums. Next, Stacy Julian “makes it personal” – good advice for every scrapbooker. Then, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero is back with a unique card. She takes photos of kids and pets and turns them into a kaleidoscope for 3D flowers. Last up, is a design lesson on “balance” with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  What does that term mean for a scrapbooker?

1509 Paints, Dyes, Markers and Inks: First, we have a brand new technique to share – screen printing is not new – but we have a brand new way to silk screen with Kristy Day for a unique cropping party. Then, it s a lesson in color printing with Linda Sattgast and making photos monochromatic. Next, it’s design principle #4 with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and the concept of “unity”. Last up, is a fun 3D flower pot featuring chip board flowers.

1510 Gifts and Cards: First, we have a great gift for your favorite scrapbooker – it’s the gift of memories. Then Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has a unique and very quick gift with a binder clip photo holder. Last up it’s a party with Patti Wilkinson. What are gifts without a party – or maybe that’s a party without gifts? We have banners, bows, and favors all from paper strips and the technique is adaptable to any occasion.

1511 Technology: Kristy Day is back with bridal shower invitations created with a unique cutting system. Then Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has design principles 5 and 6, the last of our series, featuring “pattern” and “rhythm”, and as a bonus “movement”. Last up, it’s all about texture as we cut and texturize in one step.

1512 New Trends: First, we have a new way to look at both color and paper with color core paper – you can use it in many different ways, like sanding, tearing, and embossing. Our special guest is Anthony Grinnell. Then we feature Barbara Kotsos and one of our most requested digital concepts – the Andy Warhol effect.  Then it’s a very interesting take on color using the computer again, as Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero uses just one photo to make both the background and the embellishment but they look totally different. Last up, Julie reintroduces decoupage in a new way featuring a kaleidoscope of color.

1513 Stickers and Stamps: Die cuts and stamps go hand in hand especially when they coordinate with each other.  Then, it’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and how to make you own personal background.  Last, meet Suzy West with a unique and fanciful clear mini book