Professional dance instructor John Hill’s charm, humor and effortless teaching style will have you up and dancing the Lindy and the Jitterbug quickly, regardless of skill level.

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LENGTH: 1 x 90 Minutes
FORMAT: Special
ASPECT RATIO: 4 x 3 Full Screen
SUPPLIER: Inecom Entertainment Company

Through easy-to-follow instructions, the program offers these classic swing dance moves from beginners’ steps to elaborate kicks and spins:
►The Underarm Turn:
Learn the basic steps in swing dancing. Start off with the basic count and move into back rocks, under the arm turns and walkthroughs. Instructor John Hill teaches the ladies how to add a little flair to the dance and instructs the men to always follow the bass beat with their steps.
►Multiple Turns:
Learn multiple variations of the lead in swing dancing. Learn to lead your partner with the left hand, the right hand or both. Instructors John Hill and Stephanie Helsel demonstrate the proper tension between the lead and follow, and illustrate the accompanying footwork and hand motions.
►Lindy Kick Variations:
Learn Lindy Kick variations in swing dancing! Instructors John and Stephanie demonstrate combinations that work in jitterbug and swing. At the heart of this combination is a kick, a 180-degree spin on your heel and a second kick in the other direction. Switch from one foot to the other to get out of a kick comfortably.
►Two-Hand Leads:
Learn lead and follow techniques in swing dancing using two hands. Instructors John and Stephanie demonstrate the intricate aspects of two-handed leading and following on the dance floor. They also offer an introduction to switching positions while dancing.
►Intricate Hand Motions:
Learn intricate hand motions for swing dancing! Add variation to the steps youve already learned by changing the hand motions. Instructors John and Stephanie demonstrate alternate handwork for under the arm turns and other steps, creating a varied series of moves.
►The Pretzel:
Instructor John and his partner Monica Parker demonstrate a series of turns known as the Pretzel! Facing each other, lead your partner toward you with her right foot and walk her through your arms. Put your partners right hand over your head and push through with the other hand to change places.
►Beginning and Ending:
Instructor John and his partner Caitlin Reynolds demonstrate ideal beginnings and great endings in swing dancing. They add flare by introducing the ideal tension, the lead and the follow. Finish off your combination with a dip and a drop.
►Swivel Kicks:
Instructors John and Stephanie demonstrate Swivel Kicks in swing dancing. Start off with East Coast or Triple Step swing steps. Put your weight on your right foot, do a back rock, kick to the side, cross your legs, and then swivel your weight onto the other foot. They also demonstrate how to switch your hand motion to add tension and stability, and finish with the transition out of the step and back into the dance.


“Let’s Dance Swing guides viewers through the basic and more advanced moves of classic swing dancing.
A solid aid for would-be dancers with minimal experience looking to enhance their skills. Recommended.” – Video Librarian