Getting Away Together is an engaging travel series highlighting the rapidly growing trend of groups of people sharing a vacation with friends and family.  From girlfriend getaways to family reunions and milestone celebrations, the series shows diverse groups of real travelers vacationing together in some of the most fascinating vacation destinations across America. The series calls attention to beautiful destinations, compelling life stories, “best kept” travel secrets and takeaway tips, helping consumers to make decisions about their own upcoming travels. Unlike other travel shows, it’s the first to focus on this growing travel phenomenon of “togethering.”  Each episode features a new group of travelers as they unwind with meaningful travel experiences in fun locales, with vacation rentals as their home base.

The series is produced by the Emmy Award-winning PineRidge Film & Television Company, producers of such cable television success stories as At The Chef’s Table, Animal Attractions TVGreat Hotels, Great Vacation Homes, Passport to Europe and more.

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FORMAT: Series > Season 100: 13 x 25′; Season 200: 8 x 25′ (Note: episode runtimes range between 25 and 26 minutes)
PRODUCTION YEARS: Season 100: 2011; Season 200: 2014

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Program Title: GETTING AWAY TOGETHER – 200 series
# of Episodes/Length: 8/30 Feed Date/Time:  Thursdays beginning May 29, 2014 @ 1230 – 1300ET/HD 04 *Feed-for-Record*
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Producer: Pineridge Film & Television Company
Date Produced: 2014
Funders: Pine Ridge Film & Television Company
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Season 100 was broadcast by these public television stations between 2011 and 2013.

Season 200

Episode #201:  PARK CITY, UTAH Let’s say you’re looking for a vacation spot with amazing mountain sports like ski jumping, bobsledding or screaming down one of the steepest zip lines in the world, but you want to do all that in the SUMMER?  Well, three adventure-seeking couples from Arizona discover that PARK CITY, UTAH may be just the place to experience all of these mountain adventures and more.  Whiskey tasting, mountain biking, dining al fresco in a historic downtown café, and shopping at a very silly outdoor market are a few extra’s on their vacation “to do” list. Our six friends don’t let us down as we follow their lead in Park City, Utah.

Episode #202:  CRYSTAL COAST OF NORTH CAROLINA Ever heard of the CRYSTAL COAST OF NORTH CAROLINA? It’s one of the only remaining natural barrier island systems in the world forming eighty-five miles of silken coastline – it’s North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks.  And for two California families on an overdue friend’s reunion, the Crystal Coast is the perfect beachside spot. Trekking up 207 steps for a seagull’s view from Cape Lookout Lighthouse, getting up-close to the once wild horses of Shackleford Banks, casting a line out into the ocean’s surf, or feeding exotic creatures of the sea, vacationing in the Crystal Coast may turn into a tradition for these families whenever they’re “Getting Away Together”.

Episode #203:  BLUE RIDGE, GEORGIA Two Florida families step out of their comfort zone of beach vacations and head north to BLUE RIDGE, GEORGIA for a totally different kind of mountain vacation.  Just 90 miles north of Atlanta and located within the Chattahoochee National Forest, Blue Ridge isn’t your typical mountain retreat.  Our two families find plenty of adventure with a bit of small town sophistication right outside their vacation log cabin.  Whether it’s hiking to a double waterfall near the Appalachian Trail, hopping a ride on a restored scenic railway, fly fishing for  rainbow trout in a secret fishing spot, or taking a white water challenge down class 4 rapids, the setting of Blue Ridge, Georgia casts its spell over everyone.

Episode #204:  EMERALD COAST OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA Dreaming of a white Christmas? What about trading tons of snow for the gleaming white sand beaches of the EMERALD COAST OF FLORIDA?  Three couples and two of their kids “chill”, without the chill, in Destin and Fort Walton Beach, an often forgotten secret gem of old Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Swimming with porpoises; wine tasting and a seafood spectacular are topped off with a sparkling Christmas boat parade under beachfront fireworks!

Episode #205: CANNON BEACH, OREGON You’ve seen pictures of this place and wondered, “Where is that?”  CANNON BEACH, OREGON is an enchanting seaside village that feels like it’s frozen in the 1920’s but offers three young twenty-something newlyweds their first “grown up” getaway together. Cliffside yoga…a five-course dinner cooking show…surfing lessons…and bonfires on the beach, all set against the towering “Haystack” rocks looming just off shore.

Episode #206:  BOOTHBAY HARBOR REGION OF MAINE Can six Cajun girls from New Orleans fit in with this quintessential New England lobster harbor?  Well, the “Mini Six”, as they call themselves because of their minivan mode of travel, end up bringing a whole new perspective on this autumn trip to the BOOTHBAY HARBOR REGION of MAINE.  They go lobstering with Captain Clive; help sail aboard a huge schooner; eat lobster rolls overlooking a hand-cranked drawbridge and have a classic clam bake in the front yard of their Victorian vacation rental home. “Laissez les bons temps roulez! …Let the good times roll!”

Episode #207:  ST. GEORGE, UTAH It’s one of the fastest growing vacation spots in America, but ST. GEORGE, UTAH may not be a destination that comes to mind first.  A large multi-generational family has traveled to this desert oasis for a reunion and the celebration of a 40th wedding anniversary.  They’re nature lovers all right, and they love adventure – like zooming across red sand dunes in all-terrain vehicles, water-skiing across a lake carved out by giant red rocks, and hiking up river through mile high canyons in one of the country’s most breathtaking national parks – these are just a few of the adventures this family will jump into full force.  

Episode #208:  SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA What mountain destination borders two states and has as its signature one of the deepest lakes in the world. Give up?  LAKE TAHOE!   Three friends from San Francisco who know each other from playing Ultimate Frisbee set out to see what wintertime adventure is all about in this mountain setting.  While 2 reporters from Salt Lake City tag along to cover the latest trend in traveling called “togethering”.  Snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, and an après ski party at 9,000 feet above sea level – it’s the ultimate wintertime vacation for our outdoor adventurers.

Season 100 Originally distributed to public television stations by EPS from 2011 through 2013. Refeeding in Summer 2014, immediately after the Premier of Season 200.

Episode #101:  ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA A reunion getaway for five grade school girlfriends from Texas takes them across the country to the oldest city in America:  ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA. They discover this charming and historic town has lots to offer.  They set sail on the schooner Freedom, kayak the backwaters to see a wilder side of Florida, enjoy some sangria in a Spanish café, get pampered at a world-class spa, take a sip from the “Fountain of Youth” and go hunting for shark’s teeth along the beach.  It’s a historical get together they won’t forget in St. Augustine, Florida.

Episode #102:  THE OUTER BANKS of NORTH CAROLINA It’s a big fat Greek Reunion!  A family spread out all over the U.S., and even Greece, meet up on THE OUTER BANKS OF NORTH CAROLINA to celebrate a 4th of July weekend!  They go hang gliding on the sand dunes where the Wright Brothers first soared…get wet when they wind surf on Cape Hatteras…climb 150 feet up in one of North Carolina’s famous lighthouses…and party down Greek-style in a very cool beachside rental.  This isn’t your ordinary vacation! 

Episode #103:  CENTRAL OREGON “Staycations” – it’s a big trend in travel vacations.  Meet 5 young couples and their kids who decide to stay close to home and re-discover all that their hometown has to offer, vacation-wise.  Whitewater rafting on the Deschutes River, stand-up paddling through the downtown Mill District, fly fishing with one of the country’s best fisherman, golf, shopping for sweets at a most unusual candy store, and gathering around a campfire at sunset — our group discovers that one of the best kept travel destinations isn’t far from their home at all in Central Oregon.

Episode #104:  KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA Ever find that you’re too busy to take a vacation?  Our family from Kansas found that to be true when they were planning their family getaway.  But they decided that Central Florida and specifically the area of KISSIMMEE was the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the other side of Florida.  Airboat rides on the headwaters of the Everglades, zip-lining above untouched Florida wetlands teaming with wildlife, cruising in a 50’s Chevy convertible, flipping pancakes at Dad’s Saturday morning diner, and fireworks at EPCOT in Walt Disney World are just a few things on their vacation list….and it’s just what this busy family needs. This isn’t Kansas anymore!

Episode #105: OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA A giant family reunion of 46 family members packs a beachfront home in OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA.  Their week-long getaway at the beach involves everything from surfing to sailing…boogie boarding to boa constrictors…juggling to giraffes and juke boxes to jet skis.  This huge family reunion is on a mission to make sure that everyone in the family keeps their connection fresh and Grandma Nola is at the helm of this beach vacation adventure.

Episode #106:  SEVIER COUNTY, TENNESSEE (SEVIERVILLE, GATLINBURG, PIGEON FORGE) This is the story of a multi-generational family from Indiana who has been driving down to SEVIER COUNTY in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for generations. The grandparents first came here on their honeymoon fifty years ago.  So what do the towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville have in store for this family vacation? Well, how about exploring one of the most visited national parks in the country, splash the daylights out of yourself on a giant water slide, ride a screaming rollercoaster in Dollywood, go tubing on a lazy river, play with penguins, or order up a mouthwatering country breakfast with all the fixings.  It’s an all American vacation with a Smoky Mountain accent.

Episode #107:  DEEP CREEK LAKE, MARYLAND There are two things that people love, in fact they crave, getting away from it all at a great destination and being there with friends and family, but for some people that’s not always so easy.  Our group of family and friends travel the world for their jobs as entrepreneurs, patriots and humanitarians. So getting away together isn’t always that easy – that’s why their reunion trip to DEEP CREEK LAKE, MARYLAND was all that more special. Why Deep Creek?  It’s a place for true adventurers…athletes of all kinds, food and wine lovers, not to mention a fun place for the kids.

Episode #108:  HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA Daughters to the rescue!  This group of overworked moms was entered into a travel contest by their daughters and the winning prize – a trip to HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA!  So five moms, 4 kids and one grandmother travel to Hilton Head for a mother-daughter week filled with – jet skiing, parasailing, biking on the beach, chasing dolphins on a catamaran, and celebrating with a seafood extravaganza at sunset.  Amazing things can happen when mothers and daughters get away together!

Episode #109:  GULF SHORES & ORANGE BEACH, ALABAMA Four friends and business associates from San Diego discover that California hasn’t cornered the market on great girlfriend getaways. Their destination is GULF SHORES & ORANGE BEACH, ALABAMA.  Haven’t heard of it, neither did they.  But starting with the serenity of sunrise yoga, sinking their toes into sugar soft sand, paddling the back bays just yards away from swimming dolphins, and cuddling up with critters you’d never imagine would be here, these girls are about to discover why Alabama’s gulf coast is a surprisingly new travel destination.

Episode #110:  BEST OF GETTING AWAY TOGETHER We’ll follow 5 former Girl Scouts from Texas who reunite in the oldest city in America – St. Augustine, Florida sharing their history and outs…a far flung assembly of friends and family who converge in western Maryland for some white water rafting…4 professional women from San Diego who discover unexpected beauty and adventure on the gulf coast of Alabama… and a group of friends in Central Oregon who have found a world of vacation pleasures just miles from their own front doors. It’s the BEST OF GETTING AWAY TOGETHER.

Episode #111:  BEST BEACH DESTINATIONS When it comes to great U.S. beach destinations…whether it’s east coast, west coast or gulf coast – every one of them offers something completely different.  We’ll meet 4 reunion groups of friends and families as they travel to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina…St. Augustine, Florida…Oceanside, California….and Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama to discover beaches with a bonus – that’s why they’re our BEST BEACH DESTNATIONS!

Episode #112:  BEST REUNION DESTINATIONS Getting away for a vacation can be a challenge, and bringing your friends and family along can be even more complicated, but the rewards can really pay off. We’ll tag along with 4 reunion groups as the discover the unexpected forests of Florida…to the adventurous Outer Banks of North Carolina…from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the great snowy mountains of Oregon. We’ll travel to four of America’s BEST REUNION DESTINATIONS – perfect places for getting away together!

Episode #113:  MT. HOOD TERRITORY – OREGON Meet a group of “techie” friends and co-workers from Seattle who travel to OREGON’S MT. HOOD TERRITORY – a remote destination that is about as opposite of their wired world as they can get, where sometimes even cell phones don’t always work.  They’ll paddle up close to the raging waters of Willamette Falls, hike the scenic trails alongside the Salmon River, go snowboarding on Mt. Hood in July, and roll up their sleeves to  prepare a farm fresh feast with the help of a local chef.  These super techies find it easy to unplug and chill out in Oregon.