City Walk is the only television series that journeys by foot across the country for a ground’s eye view of urban America. Experience the vibrant streets and sidewalks of Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver, and Washington D.C. while discovering stunning architecture, magnificent monuments, serene parks, and communities transformed by a new breed of pedestrians who march to the beat of a different drummer.

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Worldwide, Television, VOD and Digital

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FORMAT: 16 x 30′ Television Series 
PRODUCER: Rigler Creative

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MASTER FILE: ProRes 422, 1920 x 1080i
VIDEO: Texted Only
AUDIO: Full Mix Stereo Only

Episode Descriptions

Season 2

201:  The season two premiere of City Walk takes audiences from the Penn and Teller Theater in Las Vegas to abandoned buildings in New York as well as to an unusual classroom in Los Angeles, and across the Atlantic to a beach in the Netherlands where magical creatures walk powered by the wind.

202:  City Walk travels from Las Vegas to San Francisco to a serene green space in Los Angeles and straight to a moonwalk that lasts all night.

203:  In this Emmy-nominated episode, City Walk explores the streets of LA by foot, bicycle and Space Shuttle – from the stairways of Echo Park to Venice Beach, from LAX to The California Science Center, finally disappearing inside a secret bunker deep beneath LA’s City Hall.  Actor Luke Wilson walks a similar path a century later, in the award winning short, “Satellite Beach.” Turning thousands of cheering throngs and a Space Shuttle into unwitting players, he follows the Endeavor on its 3-day journey through the colorful communities of Los Angeles from LAX to its final stop at The California Science Center.

204: City Walk races to the top of the highest building west of the Mississippi, takes to the bike path with drummer and composer Stewart Copeland, scours the scrappy streets of downtown Las Vegas, treks back to when Pedestrianism was the #1 sport in America and uncovers the hidden connection between exercise and medicine.

205:  City Walk hikes the Pacific Crest Trail with Reese Witherspoon, takes a walk with a Doc in San Diego, travels by foot across Copenhagen, joins a heartwarming game of soccer before hitting the rails to trails in Washington, D.C. and the streets of West Hollywood like you’ve never seen before.

206:  City Walk takes to the Santa Monica bike path with drummer and composer Stewart Copeland, reveals why your foot is a superhero, travels to New York City for a midnight walk for health and awareness, reveals the secret connection between walking and nutrition and why it’s better to be fit and fat instead of skinny and unfit, goes for a hike in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado and around Portland, Oregon with a lively group of Volkswalkers, travels to Cleveland for a heartwarming walk in the zoo and Los Angeles where a group of NASCAR fans walk the track before the big race. All of this and more in this special Health and Fitness episode of City Walk!

207:  City Walk saunters the shorelines of Manhattan, sees the USA in a Chevrolet, strolls the art galleries and museums of Pasadena, travels to a beach in the Netherlands where magical creatures walk powered by the wind, and joins tens of thousands of people as they shut down the streets of Los Angeles in a colorful 15-mile ride to the sea to celebrate a day without cars. Great walks. Great rides. And one spectacular saunter.

208:  City Walk strolls the green paths of Ocean View Farms Community Gardens in Los Angeles, hikes the scenic canyons of Orange County, walks the doublewide sidewalks of old New York, visits a bike oasis in Las Vegas, takes a turn on a treadmill in Rancho Cucamonga, reveals the surprising truth about weight loss and health with City Walk MD, treks back in time to when pedestrianism was the #1 sport in America and sails through the clouds high above Camarillo, California. All of this and more as City Walk travels from the earth to the sky.

Season 1

101:  The premiere episode of City Walk shines a spotlight on the most exotic and exciting walks in America, and travels to cities across the country that are currently transforming themselves into more walkable communities. With stops in Pasadena, Washington D.C., and New York City, the episode offers a personalized look at the changing landscape for pedestrians. We also discover how walking rehabilitation helped teenager Daniela recover from a sudden stroke, and how technology that once promised an easy future may now be harmful to your health. On the lighter side, the episode questions non-walkers on their excuses for sitting around, has fun encouraging people to get up and move with a viral video, and features short vignettes that celebrate the beauty of stepping outside.

102: City Walk journeys from Los Angeles to Boston. We take a closer look at something many of us take for granted — our own two feet. The series will take a look at the city wide cycling/walking extravaganza known as Ciclavia in Los Angeles, the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and public transportation system of San Francisco, and Boston’s string of urban parks known as the Emerald Necklace, as well as the newly completed Greenway in the heart of the city.

103: City Walk ventures back in time and across the continent as the walking revolution spreads from New York City parks to Portland’s walkability to the rugged canyons and trails of Orange County. Featuring Maryland’s Iverson Mall Walkers, an uncommon group of people who will line dance their way into your heart.

104: This episode of City Walk begins by exploring hidden staircases all over Los Angeles in an event called the Big Parade, and then boldly strides across America from Austin to Atlanta as communities everywhere embrace the walking revolution.

105: City Walk explores the hidden shorelines of Manhattan and travels high into the Rocky Mountains with stops in Denver, Portland and Washington DC as communities across America rediscover their sidewalks and trails.

106: City Walk treks from Berkeley to Atlanta on a walking school bus before treading the urban and mountain trails of Orange County, California with an unforgettable stop at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” And Nic Offer of cult band ‘!!!’ offers his unique perspective on public transportation at the FYF Festival in Los Angeles State Historic Park.

107: City Walk travels from Boston to New York, and from Atlanta to Los Angeles on a very special journey to some of the great parks in America — both old and new.  We learn about legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted whose visionary 19th century genius continues to reshape the city of Boston along with virtually every urban park in the country. We highlight the amazing walkability of Olmsted’s first creation — Central Park in New York — then take a walking tour of Manhattan’s neighborhood parks including a visit to a vibrant public space where we’re surprised to learn that not every park is green. We visit the Los Angeles State Park, currently the home of fairs and gatherings while still in development.  Not too long ago, Atlanta was one of the least walkable cities in the United States, but today it’s ahead of the curve with construction of the BeltLine, a 22-mile pedestrian friendly corridor. We explore this unique combination of rails, trails and green space through the joyful eyes of the happiest freight train conductor in Georgia.  Our journey concludes with a stroll on The Highline, an elevated, linear park renovated from an abandoned train line and now one of the most popular attractions in New York for tourists and locals alike.


108: In the last episode of its first season, City Walk blasts across America from the skies above Camarillo to a racetrack in Fontana and straight to Washington, DC, where the 2013 Walking Summit is paving the path for a more walkable future for everyone. Have you ever wanted to stroll around a NASCAR speedway but were afraid of becoming road kill? Join a group of intrepid fans as they take a walk on the wild side and experience a rush you can only get on your own two feet.  Most people think that once a road is paved it’s the end of the story, but in some neighborhoods things are changing. Join us on a special walking tour where we experience first hand the many innovations taking place on our streets and sidewalks to make them more pedestrian friendly.  We take you center stage and behind the scenes of the very first Walking Summit where we’ll meet the leaders, planners, and developers who are dedicated to bringing our country literally back on its feet.  Some people walk on sidewalks, others prefer trails but one man gets his thrill walking two miles high in the sky and freefalling to the ground at 120 miles per hour… feet first.


“City Walk is excellent. Borne of a wacky West Wing reunion PSA (with Martin Sheen & Company) and created in collaboration between the show’s producers and the Funny or Die website, something really cool emerged.  You’ve seen travel shows. You’ve seen health shows. You’ve seen history shows. City Walk is all that, put through a hip filter of urban renewal and rediscovery. Impressive!” -Huffington Post

“In this month’s One-on-One blog, ExpertFlyer talks with Thomas Rigler, an award-winning filmmaker, transmedia producer and former TV development executive. Thomas’s diverse body of work at Rigler Creative includes creating and executive producing the KCET-TV / LinkTV series City Walk, a unique series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America and, in the process, re-connecting us to our bodies, our civic values and public space.” –

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