Narrated by Jim Caviezel

The  most important event in the evangelization of the New World occurred in December, 1531. Over the course of four days, the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, appeared to an indigenous convert named Juan Diego. As a result of this encounter, and the image miraculously imprinted on Juan Diego’s tilma (cloak), nine million Native Americans embraced the Catholic faith, and the Americas began its transformation into “the Catholic hemisphere.” Our Lady of Guadalupe’s message of love had replaced the institutionalized violence of the Aztec culture and built a bridge between two worlds.

Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message traces the history of this transformative event from the 16th century to the present. Featuring interviews with leading theologians, historians and experts on the scientific inquiries into the miraculous image — this gripping film explores both the inexplicable mysteries behind the image, and the continued relevance of the Guadalupe apparition to the modern world.

The image itself has long been puzzling to the scientific community, since it has been shown to exist without having been painted, has survived despite extreme age, adverse conditions and a bombing. The image also exhibits features reminiscent of photographs, such as reflections in the image’s eyes, even though it appeared hundreds of years before the invention of photography.

Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message brings this remarkable history to life through modern reenactments, 3D animations which allow viewers an unprecedented glimpse into the intricacies of the centuries-old wonder and interviews with leading theologians, historians and scientists.

Guadalupe: El Milagro Y El Mensaje

Narrado Por Plácido Domingo

El evento más importante de la evangelización del Nuevo Mundo sucedió en diciembre de 1531. En el transcurso de cuatro días, la Virgen María, bajo la advocación de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, se le apareció a un indígena convertido llamado Juan Diego. El resultado de este encuentro, y de la imagen milagrosamente impresa en la tilma de Juan Diego, fue que 9 millones de indígenas de América adoptaron la fe católica, y el Continente Americano empezó a transformarse en el “hemisferio católico.”

El mensaje de amor de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe sustituyo la violencia institucionalizada de la cultura azteca y construyo un puente entre dos mundos.Guadalupe: el Milagro y el Mensaje relata la historia de este evento transformador desde el siglo XVI hasta el presente. Con entrevistas con importantes teólogos, historiadores y expertos en el análisis científico de la imagen milagrosa, este conmovedor documental explora con el mismo entusiasmo los inexplicables misterios que se encuentran tras la imagen, y la actual importancia de la aparición de Guadalupe para el mundo moderno.

“The message of Our Lady of Guadalupe helped to build bridges between cultures and worlds and began the transformation of our continent into a Christian continent of hope,. The apparition helped to unite the entire continent in a way that didn’t exist before. Through her intercession, then and now, those throughout this hemisphere have found a deep and shared sense of faith, hope and identity. 

Some see Our Lady of Guadalupe as a Mexican or as a Latin American, Hispanic phenomenon. However, this understanding is incomplete. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of all of America and of the Philippines as well. She is loved and embraced across cultural lines throughout this continent and beyond.”  – Carl Anderson, CEO of the Knights of Columbus and Executive Producer of the film

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