An entertaining yet practical travel adventure series featuring two real-life kid brothers and their parents traveling to well known and off the tourist track destinations. Explore top family destinations, learning all the tips and tricks to traveling with kids. From where to stay, how to get around and where to eat on a budget. Head out on a family adventure with the Roberts family in Travel With Kids. Packed with the fun and the (mis)adventures that come with traveling with kids, each episode shows viewers what they might expect, enjoy and think twice about doing on a family vacation.


FORMAT: 65 x 30′ (HD)  Television Series
PRODUCTION YEAR: Ongoing, 2007-2016 Season 7 in production.
SUPPLIER: Equator Creative Media
RIGHTS: Worldwide, All Media

This program can be screened at for viewers in the United States.

Travel With Kids encourages viewers to get out of the resorts and meet the locals, take local transportation and stay at small budget hotels, which isn’t always easy when traveling with kids (“Mom, where’s the T.V.!”)

From swimming with dolphins and late night encounters with giant sea turtles, to finding the Mona Lisa and exploring centuries old pirate forts. From searching for “Nessie” the Loch Ness monster, to kissing the Blarney Stone, to snorkeling in underground caves, to just spending a day at the beach with mom and dad.

Travel With Kids also presents viewers with the challenges of traveling with kids. From naps and tantrums, where to eat in remote places, to the best places to stay with kids, and how to get around on a budget.

Travel With Kids is both entertaining and educational, yet delivers practical travel information that is interesting and useful for families planning a trip, and armchair travelers alike. Presented with additional pop-up on screen facts on the history, culture and travel tips for the destination, the entire family will enjoy watching this adventure travel series.

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Season 600

#601 Big Island of Hawaii – Volcanoes & Movie Stars
Explore the Big Island of Hawaii, from steaming volcanoes and lava tubes, to kayaking with locals learning about Captain Cook and Hawaiian traditions. Stay at a hotel with a fun family atmosphere with paddle boards and turtles. Snorkel near Captain Cooks monument and visit black sand beaches with turtles and a huge waterfall, plus a local market.

#602 Hollywood & L.A. California – Stars & Dogs
Hollywood, beaches, famous cartoon characters, giant hot dogs and crazy movie stunts await families in L.A. See bubbling tar pits in the middle of the city, stroll the walk of fame spotting all your stars (in the sidewalk) See eye popping movie stunts at Universal Studios, try a famous Pinks Hot Dog, learn old Hollywood history. See the Space Shuttle, go behind the scenes at Nickelodeon Studios!

#603 South Africa’s Garden Coast – Wild monkey adventures
Monkeys! Cheetahs! Gibbons and Lemurs! Explore South Africa’s exciting southern coast, also called the Garden Route. Get up close to all kinds of furry friends at Monkeyland. Learn X’hosa while riding horseback with zebras. See South Africa’s interesting birds and take a serval cat for a wallk.

#604 South Africa’s Lemurs, Ostriches Caves & Crags
Continue along South Africa’s garden route near Hog Hollow. Pet a cheetah! Crawl through caves at Cango. Meet strange creatures at the Cango Animal sanctuary. Lean about Ostriches and the Ostrich feather boomtimes of this Dutch colonial region. Ride elephants and walk with Meerkats. Tour a lively township learning how the locals live and get swarmed by crazy friendly lemurs.

#605 Bora Bora Island – The legend of the South Pacific
Nathan & Seamus take you on an exploration of the legendary island of Bora Bora. Swim in the sheltered lagoon with turtles and other sea creatures. Learn WW2 history and South Pacific legends. Stay in an over the water bungalow with a glass floor. Learn about turtle conservation and feed turtles at the shelter. Take a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe to see how natives navigated by the stars all the way to Hawaii. Try local foods and hang out at Jimmy Buffets favorite hideaway.

#606 Cancun Mexico & Whale Sharks
Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime, swimming with giant Whale Sharks! Head by boat off the coast of Cancun to experience the majestic Whale Shark migration. Learn Mayan history and culture at Ek Balam pyramids and rappel by rope deep into an underground cave called a Cenote. Try local foods, take a local ferry to the small island of Isla Mujeres to wander the small streets reminding travelers of what Cancun was like years ago. Visit the hotel zone and all the fun things to see and to on this Caribbean coast of Mexico.

#607 Pacific Mexico and the Undiscovered 7 Bays
Travel to the Pacific side of Mexico to the town of Huatulco and its famous 7 bays. Rescue sea turtles, rope swing waterfalls in the jungle and learn about how the locals live. Go tubing down a river to the ocean, exploring the wild jungles and scenery of this undeveloped area. Dine beachside at sand floor bungalows of a bygone area of traveling. Scuba dive and snorkel with turtles, colorful fish and explore the lively town square of Huatulco.

#608 Belize Beach Islands & Mayan Jungles
You better Belize it! This Central American Caribbean country is packed with adventure and culture. From the quiet beach sand streets of the tiny island of Cay Caluker, you will find a slow pace of hammocks and bicycles. Snorkel with sting rays and sharks, hang out on the dock with locals, learn to fish, and visit a local school. Nathan & Seamus then head to the mainland to meet friends from home. Explore ancient Mayan pyramids accessable by a hand cranked car transport over a river and try strange local foods. Cow Hoof Soup anyone? Stay in a jungle lodge where all kinds of creepy crawlies come out at night. Go for a night walk and learn the ways of the jungle.

#609 Belize Adventures – Mayan Underground and Garafuna Villages
Travel With Kids adventures continue in Belize as the group of kids heads for the coast by small plane. One of the kids, an 11 year old girl gets to fly the plane. The kids explore Placencia, a laid back tiny village with one sidewalk and lots of coconuts. They meet a local Garafuna drummer who invites them back to their village for drumming lessons. The kids head to an outer reef to teach the other kids how to Scuba Dive. Go slow around the village in a golf cart checking out local shops and food stands. Then head into the jungle to go for a crazy underground cave tubing adventure and learn about the Mayans.

#610 Beijing China & The Great Wall
Experience the ancient and modern center of Chinese culture in the huge city of Beijing. Wander the massive open squares and tiny back alleys of the Forbidden City. Experience Tian An Men Square, take a rickshaw bike through the back Hutong streets where traditional Chinese homes and markets still stand. Visit the Olympic stadium and see what exciting crazy place the Water Cube has been turned into for kids! Head out to the Great Wall of China at Mutianu Gate where modern methods make it easy to get up to the wall, but wait until you see how to get down; by high speed coaster! Explore the amazing wonder of the world and learn about Chinese history and culture in Travel With Kids China.

#611 Fiji Castaway Island
Get ready to go Tom Hanks style in this island paradise. Explore the actual Castaway island where the movie was filmed and is still uninhabited. Learn to cook island style from local chefs learning the tricks that ancient Fijians used to cook. Visit a nearby island where you have to be welcomed by the Chief to sit and drink Kava before walking the village. Learn about Fijian history and culture in the Chiefs Bure, or hut. Experience the happy smiles of Bula and learn about the proud happy locals of these islands. Visit a nearby school to see how local kids learn and have fun.

#612 Botswana Africa
Travel to Botswana Africa by small plane where the kids get to fly. Stay in tiny camps deep in the Okavango delta accessible only by canoe and small plane. Learn about the old ways of the bush people on walking safaris and learning to hunt with bow and arrow. Take a traditional canoe up the delta waterways with African local villages learning about how they live off the land. Experience an up close cheetah encounter where the safari jeep is surrounded by the big cats. Sleep in tents under the stars searching for the Southern Cross and listening to the sound of hippos. Get up close to huge elephants in the wild in this untamed wilderness.

#613 Maui Hawai’i
It’s island time on Hawai’i’s Garden Isle of Maui. Learn about the ancient Polynesian ways of the outrigger canoe and the ceremonies at Black Rock. Explore Maui’s whaling history and sugar cane past in Lahaina. Chill in Banyan Tree park and on the beaches. Head inland to a garden cooperative to learn how Maui is becoming food sustainable. Try all the local garden foods and see the kids pick a harvest to cook at the hotel kitchen that night. Then head to Maui Ocean Aquarium to see many of the creatures that live in the waters around Hawaii. Finally, head out in search of whales with Pacific Whale Foundation learning about these giant sea mammals.

Season 7 in Production:

Shanghai China
Bangkok Thailand
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) Vietnam
Kauai Hawaii
Fijian Cruise (small ship)
Kruger Park & Durban South Africa
Zambia Africa
Tulum Southern Mexico
Honduras Bay Islands
Telluride Colorado
Curacao Dutch Antilles
Namibia Africa
Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Season 500
#501 Cabo Mexico for Kids!
Cabo San Lucas for Kids! Explore all the things to see and do in this desert paradise. From Zip Lines to Dolphins and Whales to dune buggys, Cabo has it all for families. Explore the town and local markets, go horseback riding on the beach and more. Check out the resorts in the Hotel Zone, learn local history and head out for a scuba dive at El Arco Lands End.

#502 Wales: UK Family Adventure
In this final installment of the Wales, UK adventure, the kids sleep in a Mongolian Yurt, learn survival skills and explore the grand Conwy Castle complex. It’s time to learn downhill skiing, with no snow! Head deep underground to learn about the slate mines. Board a long narrow boat to navigate the narrow canals and the longest aqueduct bridge in the world and learn the odd Welsh language

#503 Rome: Italy for Kids
Explore the grand splendor of Rome, Italy! Walk the winding streets of Rome finding Gelato, Pizza and Gladiators. Get an in depth look at the Colosseum, Roman Forum, learn to be a Gladiator in a real Gladiator school! Hang out in the fantastic Piazza Navona, Shop at local markets to prepare authentic Italian meals and learn all about the local history, culture and family fun Rome has to offer.

#504 Rome: Churches of Rome & The Amalfi Coast
Travel into Vatican City to be alone in the Sistine Chapel learning about the amazing ceiling paintings before exploring the vast Vatican Museums, and underground below St. Peters Basilica. See smaller churches around Rome and then get a close up visit with the Pope! Travel by train to famed Amalfi Coast near Pompeii to wander the narrow roads built into the side of cliffs with lemon orchards.

# 505 Tahiti French Polynesia
Travel to the South Pacific to explore French Polynesia and the island of Tahiti. Nathan & Seamus take you on an exploration adventure around the island learning about Polynesian culture. Visit the historical landmarks and museums that explain the fabled tales of the South Pacific and Captain Cook. Visit ocean volcanic blowholes along the coast and head out for an expert surfing lesson.

# 506  Moorea Island French Polynesia
The island of Moorea is a slow paced island with just a few hundred people. Stay in a jungle lodge overlooking the waters of the South Pacific. Nathan & Seamus set off for adventure, hike through the rainforest, learn history & survival skills to get liquid from vines, tree-root talk, make plates out of leaves for local-plant lunch overlooking Cooks Bay. Swim with dolphins, eat at a local Luau.

# 507 China:  The Yangtze River & 3 Gorges Dam
Travel down the mighty Yangtze River in China. Learn the ancient history of China along this river, visit markets, mud home villages, relocated families and learn the impacts of the Three River Gorges Dam project. Head by small longboat with the ancient trackers up a small river, taste local foods, see the dramatic scenery and get a tour of the Dam project. Travel With Kids in China.

# 508 Vietnam – Hanoi & Ha Long Bay Adventure
Arrive by train from China to the capital Hanoi. The hotel uncovers a secret bomb shelter. Explore alleys of Old Quarter markets and water puppet theater. Learn war history at the Hanoi Hilton prison. Travel to the South China Sea and fabled mountains of Ha Long Bay. On a traditional boat, Nathan & Seamus see caves and villages. Seamus ends up in a Hanoi hospital. Is the Asia adventure finished?

# 509  Thailand: Bangkok, Jungles & Elephant Adventures
Escape busy Bangkok and head for the Burmese border and the River Kwai jungle. See floating markets and explore the famous bridge. An exotic travel experience awaits at the River Kwai Floating bamboo Hotel near Burma surrounded by elephants! Visit Elephants World as Nathan & Seamus help care & feed elephants, make food, hand feed and give a scrub down by elephant back in the river in the rain!

# 510 Hawaii – Oahu & Honolulu for Kids
In this update to Travel With Kids Oahu, explore the exciting center of Hawaii at exciting Waikiki Beach. Learn history and culture at the Polynesian Cultural Center, chill with local shave ice at North Shore. Get expert surf lessons and head into the Hollywood hills of Hawaii where LOST and Jurassic Park were filmed at Kualoa Ranch. Learn WWII history at Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri.

# 511 Park City Utah Ski Family Adventure
Nathan & Seamus head for the slopes in the first ever Travel With Kids ski edition. Which means its time for ski school! Learn about the sport, the Olympic history, Utah’s silver mining past, and all the things to see and do in this winter paradise. From zip lines and roller coasters over the snow, dog sledding, snow tubing, horse sleigh rides and learning bob sleds with the Paralympic Team.

# 512 South Africa Safari Family Adventure
Experience the amazing thrill and wonder of an African Safari adventure. Travel to South Africa to learn about recent history in Soweto Township where the end of Apartheid began. Visit Nelson Mandela’s home and a local school with friendly smiling faces. Head out for Safari at Madikwe Safari Lodge for an unforgettable experience in Africa up close with Elephants, Lions and Giraffes in the wild.

# 513 South Africa Cape Town and Sharks
Cape Town South Africa is a fantastic adventure for families with Tour d’ Afrique. From Sand boarding the dunes, penguins and baboons at the Cape of Good Hope. Visit Robben Island with a guide who was held at the island prison with Nelson Mandela. Cable car up Table Mountain. Travel the stunning Garden Route where the kids help local farmers at Grootbos and then cage dive with Great White Sharks!

Season 400
#401 California: San Diego Sun and Surf:
Southern California is known for its sunshine and San Diego is no exception.  With so many sunny days and awesome waves grew the infamous California surf culture and Mission Beach is at the center of it.  Visit Belmont Park where a decades old rollercoaster, which is still a popular hang out, soars over the brand new technology of the Wavehouse – an out of the ocean wave-riding experience.  Another park of some infamy in San Diego is Balboa Park with its rich Spanish history.  Join us as we explore the park and all its attractions including the Science Center and the world-renown San Diego Zoo.  Then take to the waters of Mission Bay as we learn to surf the waves in a different way…in a sailboat.  And what’s that jumping in the water just off the bow…one of San Diego’s main attractions – the incredible ocean animals that call SeaWorld home.

#402 Cusco, Peru:
One of the oldest and most magical cities in South America, the ancient Inca capital city of Cusco holds many treasures for the Roberts family as they explore the narrow streets and colorful markets, which bustle with llamas and crafts.  The Roberts head out by trolley from the expansive town square to get a good overview of the city and visit some nearby Inca ruins.  To get a more authentic look at rural markets, the family heads to Pisac where villagers come from all over the region to exchange goods – everything from spices to guinea pigs to wooly sweaters.  On the way back, the kids meet some of  the local animals who have donated their fur to the craft industry at the Llama and Alpaca Farm. Back in Cusco, the family lends their time to a Peruvian charity helping local kids and enjoys a colorful festival as dancers parade through cobbled streets next to ancient Inca walls.

#403 Kenai Alaska:
The Roberts family Alaskan adventure continues as their RV expedition rolls south toward Seward, a seaside town with the distinguished charm of old Alaska. Along the way, the Roberts stop in Coopertown, where a cowboy saddles up some horses and takes them for a wild ride across the frozen landscape of the Kenai River. In Seward, the Roberts spot otters frolicking in the ocean just outside their RV before they head to Alaska SeaLife Center, the largest cold water aquarium in North America. At the center, the family learns about Alaska’s ocean animals through hands-on activities like dissecting a squid.  Afterwards, it’s time to spot the creatures in the open ocean with a whale watching excursion where orcas and majestic humpback whales make an appearance.

#404 California: San Diego History and North County:
San Diego’s history is a mix of Spanish missionary and wild west outpost, and you can get a feel for it all in Old Town, where the Roberts browse the markets and then hop a trolley to see some more of San Diego’s sights.  First stop, Seaport Village where you can enjoy the maritime fun of San Diego’s harbor. Then its back on the trolley for a trip across the bay to Coronado Island where the pace slows down and the atmosphere is all about family.  The island is anchored by the Hotel Del Coronado where the Roberts family tries to meet one famous resident…only problem she’s been dead for over a century. Next, its time to head north to La Jolla where shopping meets snorkeling in an interesting mix of chic chick and nature lover.  Scripps Aquarium gives the family insight into the local ocean life in the Pacific, but for a real close encounter with the animal world, the family heads inland to San Diego Wild Animal Park where they hand feed giraffes on a photo safari.  As a finale to the San Diego fun, the Roberts visit Legoland, an adventure in construction and amusement.

#405 Wales: History & Roman Legacy:
Our journey in Wales begins in the capital city of Cardiff, where a cosmopolitan, modern atmosphere melds with ancient historical landmarks like the massive Cardiff Castle.  With over 600 castles, Wales is alive with medieval culture. The kids get a feel for it as they learn to fly Harris Hawks at the Welsh Hawking Center. But, the history here is older than that. The shoreline near Cardiff is loaded with prehistoric fossils and the kids are excited to find them and learn more at the National Museum Wales and the National Showcaves Center, where natural rock formations and foliage are dotted with lifesize replicas of dinosaurs.  A bit east in Brecon Beacons National Park, join the Roberts as they delve 300 feet underground into the “Big Pit” to learn about Wales’ more recent history in coal mining. Stay in small farmhouses, surrounded by sheep and run the walls of the largest excavated Colosseum ruins outside of Rome!

#406 Wales: Eco-adventure and Green Living in King Arthur’s Land.
Head out to Wales’ southwest coast to learn how Wales is leading the Green movement in the U.K. and explore the dramatic natural surrounds. Discover new ways of using solar, water and wind for power at the Center for Alternative Technology and see it in action in Britain’s Greenest City, St. David’s.   Join the Roberts family as they explore caves, rocks, and hidden coves along the Pembrokeshire Path by foot and kayak all while munching on seaweed in an activity invented in St. David’s called coasteering. To explore a bit further in the sea, our family hops on a boat to Ramsay Island, where they spot some rare animals. Climb Merlin’s hill and go deep into an old coal mine to come face to face with the legend of King Arthur and Merlin at the Corris Craft Center and tend the sheep in an old restored farmhouse that uses solar and wind power.

#407 Arizona Cowboy Dude Ranch:
Saddle up in this wild west adventure episode in the Arizona frontier. The city family learns the cowboy way at Hidden Meadow Ranch in Arizona’s White Mountain Indian country. Learn how to ride in the arena, practicing trotting, running and guiding the horse. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, go fishing and make cowboy stuff out of leather. Then saddle up for a ride into the open range with mountaintop views as far as New Mexico. Stay in a log cabin with no T.V. or phone and sing campfire songs and roast marshmallows at night. Also explore the White Mountains by ski lift, without the snow!

#408 Athens, Greece: World History Come to Life:
Come along as the family explores the many layers of Athens, deemed by many to be the birthplace of Western civilization and still dishing out the culture. The adventure begins on an overnight ferry from Italy to Patra, in the Peloponnese, and then a bus to Athens, where our family checks into a hotel on Syntagma Square, where the kids are fascinated by the changing of the guard, with views of the Acropolis. After roaming through the National Gardens, the Roberts discover the ancient Olypmic stadium, where the boys enjoy a race for gold on the track. What’s a trip to Athens without visiting the Acropolis? But the Acropolis at sunset is even better with glowing orange shades covering the Parthenon and views across the modern city. The new Acropolis Museum, with its glass floors revealing the ongoing excavations of the ancient civilization that still remains under the city, makes the ruins come to life. End the evening strolling the narrow streets of the wild Plaka district with its outdoor cafes and shops.

#409 Venice, Italy: Not Just for Romance:
Most people think of Venice as a romantic destination, but its great for kids too!  There are no cars to worry about and a feast for the senses lingers around every wind in the path. Where else in the world can you only get around by boat while surrounded by towering ancient buildings adorned in wild designs, statues and gold? No, this isn’t Disneyland, although it may seem like it to children.. and maybe even adults! People in masks with glitter and jewels, artisans blowing huge colorful glassworks, Gelato ice cream piled high on every street corner. Get to know the owners of a local hotel and take a boat trip to a small island in the lagoon where the locals come to eat exotic seafood and play on the beach. Explore the narrow back alleys of Venice to find children’s musical concerts and the art of mask making alive and well. Go fishing in the Grand Canal. Eat foods in the wild bustling markets of the Ponte Rialto and learn about the history of this wild and once powerful republic.

#410 Greek Islands Adventure: Paros & Santorini:
Head out from Athens by ferry to the island of Paros, where The Roberts are met by a local family who takes them to explore the islands by catamaran. Captain George docks off the small island of Anti-Paros to snorkel, dine with the locals and explore the tiny island of Despotikos with it’s newly excavated Temple of Apollo. After an overnight on the catamaran, its back to Paros to explore the ancient churches and twisting white washed sugar cube homes and alleyways. Back on board the ferry, it’s onward to the popular island of Santorini where the family stays in a small villa perched high on a volcanic cliff overlooking the sea. Explore the jumbled maze of narrow streets of Fira built into the side of the volcanic cliff. Ride donkeys and take a boat out to what is left of the volcano.. a barren wasteland of lava rocks piercing the waters of the bay and still smoldering in some places. Santorini is known for its vistas, but none is so famous as the sunset from the ancient village of Oia with it’s famous blue dome churches. So, the Roberts crowd onto the local bus to check it out. On the beach side of the island, the family enjoys some down time on the black sand beaches and end the adventure in a big plate smashing festival set to wild Greek music and dancing.

#411 Tahoe Reno/Northern Nevada:
Become part of the history of the American West in Northern Nevada’s wild open country. From silver mines to still thriving cowboy towns, Northern Nevada is an outdoor adventure paradise. Join the Roberts as they go horseback riding into the Sierra Nevada mountains and Whitewater rafting down the Truckee River into the heart of Reno. And there’s plenty of time for fun in Reno with go kart racing, indoor rock climbing, participating in an animal-magic show and attempting to win a huge stuffed animal prize at the Circus Circus carnival!  In nearby Virginia City, take a full size locomotive train trip into the hills of silver mining country, watch a cowboy shoot out and then witness the wild spectacle of the Virginia City camel races! After getting a taste for the wild west, the Roberts head up to Lake Tahoe for some quiet time, sailing across the crystal blue lake set high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, watching the pines waft by.

#412 Baja Mexico: Whale Adventure:
Head down the quiet and uncrowded back roads of Mexico’s Baja peninsula for a once in a life time encounter like no other. This unique experience brings you face to face with the world’s largest mammals.. whales. After loading up on a bus in California, our fearless family crosses the border at Tijuana and drives into the Baja sunset. Join the Roberts as they explore the bizarre shapes of the Central Desert, a scene that inspired the illustrations of Dr. Seuss, and stay at small, guesthouses along the way. At Scammons Lagoon, head out in small wooden boats to seek out the Gray whale, which mates and births in the bays of Baja. Thousands of whales on their annual migration have filled the lagoon to have their babies and they’re not shy.  They bump right up to the boats, where guests can reach in to pet them, and sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s watching whom.

#413 Florence & Tuscany, Italy: Grapes and Pizza in the Tuscan Sun:
Italy is connected to Europe by an extensive rail system, so the Roberts hop an overnight train from Paris to Florence, the alleged birthplace of the Renaissance movement in Europe. The family is met in Florence by local guide, Marco who takes them to the nearby towns of Pisa, to see just how much that tower leans, and Lucca, where they ride bikes on the ancient castle walls. Back in Florence, they learn about the powerful Medici family and the Renaissance by visiting its magnificent buildings and museums. Then, head out into the Tuscan countryside to stay at a villa tucked into one of the area’s vineyards surrounded by grapes and olive trees. Learn how to cook like the locals, ride horses with polo horse trainers into the countryside and then head to an actual polo match and explore un-touristed local towns. The nearby hill towns of San Gimignano and Siena capture the kids imagination as does the huge slices of pizza and mounds of gelato.

Season 300
#301 Cruising with Kids – Freedom of the Seas:
One of the top family vacations in the United States is a cruise and when you think about the logistics, it’s easy to see why…see more than one place without having to unpack, no hidden expenses in food, transportation included. In this episode, the Roberts find out what there is to do on the modern-day cruise and explore the ports, hiking up Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, sailing with pirates in Grand Cayman, and discovering life below the waves in Cozumel. The Roberts family takes you aboard the Freedom of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. On board, climb the rock wall, go surfing, ice skating and take over the ship on pirate night.

#302 Alaska – Fairbanks & Anchorage:
Explore the last frontier with the Roberts family as they seek out winter and summer fun in the 50th state. The adventure starts north in Fairbanks, gateway to the Arctic Circle exploring ice museums, soaking on hot springs and trying to get a peek at the infamous Aurora Borealis. The Roberts test out the two main forms of Alaskan transportation as they travel through mounds of snow by dog sled and by snow mobile . Discover the history of Alaska and the first people to inhabit these lands at the Anchorage cultural center and learn some ancient sports at the Native Youth Olympics.

#303 Jamaica – The Wild West Coast:
Head to the Caribbean island of Jamaica to feel I’rie in the sun. Stay in a beach hut set in a tropical garden along a gorgeous seven mile beach in an atmosphere laden with African roots and island music. Join the Roberts family as they get off the tourist track in Black River and YS falls for some crocodile spotting and rope swings over the falls, jump off the world famous cliffs at Ricks Cafe and kayak and snorkel some of the Caribbean’s best underwater scenery.

#304 Costa Rica – Volcanoes and Rainforest Adventure:
The Roberts family heads to eco-friendly Costa Rica to get a close-up look at the area’s most active volcano, while staying at a hotel right at the base of the mountain. Then head up to the fabled cloud forests of Santa Elena and Monteverde to find all sorts of jungle creatures. Canopy tours, weird wildlife encounters and rumbling mountains are all part of this Costa Rican interior adventure.

#305 Peru – The Rainforest:
Head up the Amazon river basin in Peru to an eco lodge set deep in the jungle. Explore the thick jungle rainforests looking for anacondas, birds, bugs and other jungle creatures. Meet a local farmer who explains the healing powers of local herbs. Check out the river and its animals by kayak and from a lookout high above the canopy. Help the Roberts kids find clues to solve riddles along The Children’s Rainforest Trail. Learn about the history, culture and nature of this fabled area, the Amazon Rainforest while coming face to face with monkeys, peccaries and river crocodiles.

#306 The Bahamas – Cat Island & Grand Bahama:
To explore a different side of the Bahamas, the Roberts hop a flight to Cat Island where daily activities include watching the plane take off. On Cat Island they glide up an estuary to find turtles, kayak to their own private island and enjoy a beach to themselves. Then the Roberts head to Grand Bahama, the number two tourist destination in the Bahamas, to kayak through a mangrove forest, head out on a snorkel boat and show their younger cousins what Travel With Kids is all about.

#307 Alaska – Kenai Peninsula:
Board an RV with the Roberts family as they head south through Alaska’s well-traveled, but still remote, Kenai Peninsula. In Homer, the Roberts spot eagles soaring above and otters playing around their kayaks as they paddle through Kachemak Bay. Then it’s back in the RV to Seward, where the Roberts kids dissect a squid and check out whales from a boat in the bay. In Whittier, the Roberts board a scientific research vessel that still measures the effects of the oil spill and gets up close to massive glaciers crashing into the waters of Prince William Sound. Track migrating pods of humpbacks and orcas, eat seaweed from a kayak while discovering ten-legged purple starfish, come face to face with wild moose and take a horseback ride along frozen lakes. The adventure continues on a dog sled learning the ways of the musher with an Iditarod dogsled team. Alaska is the place for wild adventures, and the Roberts family brings it all home to you.

#308 Jamaica – The Gold Coast of the North:
Head to the north coast of Jamaica to the tourist meccas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Stay at a family-focused resort that provides “Vacation Nannies” for each family. Though the resort has much to offer, the Roberts manage to get off property to experience some of the thrills of the area hiking up Dunns River Falls, swimming with dolphins and sting rays, riding by horseback through the ocean and by sand buggy through the forest. The Roberts are really surprised to meet the Jamaican Dog Sled team…yes, that’s dog sled not bob sled…and the kids are thrilled to feel the speed of the dogs as they mush along the coast. A tour of the historical town of Falmouth, which got electricity before New York City, provides some insight into Jamaica’s history and culture.

#309 Peru – The Inca World – Machu Picchu & Cuzco:
The city of Cuzco, the famous center of the Inca world, is full of colorful history, culture and adventure as the Roberts family explores the ancient Incan empire in South America. Experience the Incan empire in this city that looks today as it did centuries ago with massive stone walls and a Spanish colonial town square. Take the train from Cuzco into the mountains to discover the majestic Inca city of Machu Picchu where soaring stone structures have stood for centuries and are surrounded by ancient footpaths, trade trails, perfect for hiking including the famous Inca Trail.

#310 Costa Rica – San Jose and The Pacific Coast:
Explore the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose, whose streets are filled with museums and restaurants offering a good overview of Costa Rica’s history and culture. Next, join the Roberts family as they head by ferry from the mainland to kick back on the Peninsula Nicoya on the Pacific Coast. Kick back at the decades old backpackers village of Montezuma and experience the coastal magic of Costa Rica, one of the world’s most diverse eco-zones, with jungle and ocean encounters with all sorts of creatures.

#311 Ireland – Tracing Ancestry in the Northwest:
In Ireland’s northwest region, The Roberts family discovers their roots and hunts for the ancient castle of their ancestor, infamous Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen. After searching the wilds of the Connemara where they encounter a true Irish traffic jam – sheep in the road – our host family finds refuge at a farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, ironically enough owned by the O’Malley family. In their ancestry search, the family discovers the true meaning of heritage as they learn about the potato famine, sit in on a traditional music session and finally reach Clare Island and the home of Grace O’Malley.

#312 Scotland – The City of Edinburgh:
Edinburgh is a majestic city filled with incredible architecture and anchored by the massive Edinburgh Castle. Based out of Melville Castle, our host family takes you though the sites along the Royal Mile. Get crowned in Edinburgh Castle and visit some of the city’s exciting museums with subjects like the earth, toys and Scottish history. Plus, the Roberts kids learn to bagpipe and hold a tarantula.

#313 Northern Ireland – Belfast:
The turbulent history of Belfast is evident when the Roberts family takes a taxi ride through the Orange and the Green learning about The Wall, reading the city’s famous murals while witnessing a historic day at Stormont when the peace process is put in motion. After visiting the famous Harland & Wolff Shipyards where the Titanic was built, the Roberts family heads to Belfast’s Museum of Transportation to find out more about the Unsinkable Ship.

Season 200
#201 Paris:
The Roberts family hits the road running in Paris in attempt to be the first to find the incredible Eiffel Tower while getting sidetracked by the City of Light’s artistic culture. Join the host family on a treasure hunt in the Louvre where they discover the gems of the art world. Hold your nose for the stinkiest tour in Paris in the Paris Sewers. Next, the Roberts head down the Seine River for a view of Paris how it was meant to be seen and end up at Notre Dame Cathedral. Finally, the Roberts family finds the Eiffel Tower and it’s time to climb, picnic, ride mules and go-karts and enjoy one of the greatest monuments in the world.

#202 New York City:
New York City is the epitome of fast-paced and with so much to see and do, our host family has to plan their trip very carefully. Riding the subways proves an efficient method of transportation as the Roberts family visits the major attractions like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Rockefeller Center, but there’s much more to New York than attractions. A stroll through New York’s ethnic neighborhoods is the perfect follow-up to learning about immigration at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. A visit to the United Nations teaches the family about diplomacy as they fight to get a cab during the theatre rush on Broadway. And, the city’s frenetic pace fades away as the host family gallops through Central Park in a horse carriage.

#203 London:
London is world-renowned for its history rich attractions and fast-paced activity, but how will it do entertaining two young boys. The Roberts family finds out as they traverse the city by tube and double-decker bus learning all about its royal history at Buckingham Palace, its military past at the Cabinet War Rooms and its colonial ambitions at the British Museum. The host-family takes part in London tradition at a formal afternoon tea, a sun-soak in Hyde Park and hanging out with punks in Piccadilly Circus before heading to West End for a play. And they manage to see a few of London’s famous landmarks…Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square.

#204 Ireland: Dublin:
Ireland’s biggest city, Dublin, is vibrant and has many stories to tell if you take the time to listen and that’s just what the Roberts family has in mind. In Dublin, discover the long and often turbulent history with the English at Dublin Castle and Kilmainham Jail, get a taste of hops history at the Guinness factory, and take a break for some kid’s activities at St. Stephen’s Green, the Natural History Museum and Dublin Zoo.

#205 Scotland – The Scottish Highlands:
Scotland has long been known for its deeply rooted heritage. In this episode, the Roberts family heads for the hills…the Scottish Highlands that is. After a brief visit to Edinburgh, it’s “All Aboard!” as the Roberts head north by train through the craggily hills and open plateaus of the Scottish Highlands. Once there, the family finds all sorts of diversion as they explore the ancient and majestical forest, play in the snow, feed reindeer, taste haggis and try to get a snapshot of the famous Loch Ness monster.

#206 The Bahamas – Nassau & Paradise Island:
With all the fun and sun in the Bahamas, it would be hard not to have fun and the Roberts find out just how much there is to do. In Nassau, discover the island’s pirating past at Pirates of Nassau Museum and spend the day slipping and sliding on Atlantis’ adventure water park. Then it’s time to find out what’s under the water on a snorkeling trip where the host family gets up close and a little too personal with a group of sharks. To experience a gentler creature from the sea, the Roberts jump into the water with some friendly dolphins and frolic in the waves on Cable Beach.

#207 Florida: Miami & The Everglades:
With crazy art deco architecture painted in an array of colors, Miami is a fiesta all the time. The Roberts finds time to join the party cruising South Beach and people watching in outdoor cafes. Miami is surrounded by the ocean. Find out what’s best in the water on board an amphibious vehicle, playing in the waves, and checking out an aquarium with our host family. Next, they head inland to explore the Everglades where they come face-to-face with alligators on an exuberant airboat ride and a hike through the backcountry.

#208 Ireland: The Castles and Cliffs of County Clare:
Known for its rugged limestone rock formations and ancient castles, County Clare offers all sorts of off-the-tourist-track exploration, and the Roberts are thrilled to discover it all. Explore tall sea cliffs at the famous Cliffs of Moher and head beneath the limestone for an underground adventure in the Aillwee Caves on The Burren. Although the kids may not be as impressed as adults by ancient dolmens, the giant castles of Clare like Knappogue and Bunratty are sure to spark their imagination of days gone-by filled with knights and kings.

#209 Florida: Space Coast & Orlando:
Launching into space or flying down the rails of some of the world’s most incredible roller coasters…the Space Coast and Orlando is built for traveling families. In this episode, the Roberts visit Kennedy Space Center and watch as astronauts hurl into space aboard the Space Shuttle. After that it’s time for some super thrills of their own with visits to Orlando’s big theme parks. To complete their time, the Roberts kayak downriver to spend some one-on-one time with a manatee family.

#210 England – Bath & Stonehenge:
Beyond London, England has a much slower pace and a more natural surround. In Southern England, the Roberts discover area history in the Roman town of Bath and a tour of the world’s most magnificent pre-historic relics, Stonehenge and meet the locals as a game of cricket is explained. In a boat tour up the Avon River, the Roberts enjoy the relaxing lifestyle of the English countryside.

#211 England – The Lake District:
After hopping a train to the north, the Roberts find a world of literature awaiting in the English Lake District, an area so abundant with beauty it inspired celebrated authors like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. The Roberts get a chance to explore some of the area stories at the World of Beatrix Potter Museum and the natural surrounds as they bump through the countryside in an off-road adventure, steam down the lake and up the mountains and get to know some of the area’s woodland and lake creatures.

#212 The Florida Keys:
The Florida Keys has been the subject of mystery and intrigue for many decades. Closer to Cuba than to the other United States, Key West is known for its independent spirit. The Roberts check it out by train in a tour of the sites, by boat at sunset and by bike. Be entertained by the vaudeville atmosphere of the famous Key West Sunset Ceremony, walk the plank at the pirate museum, hop on a bike and pedal your way through the revelers on Duval Street. The exciting atmosphere of Key West is contrasted by the quiet beaches as they head north to Key Largo where they get a slimy kiss from a friendly sea lion.

#213 Ireland: Heritage and Culture in the Southwest:
Located in Southwestern Ireland, Killarney is a land of many charms. Ask any native and they will tell you that the Kingdom of Killarney is a paradise in waiting. Using Killarney as a base, the Roberts hop a horse cart to Killarney National Park where they storm Ross Castle, drive the Dingle Peninsula where they learn about local marine life including Fungi the Dolphin and head to Blarney Castle where they, of course, kiss the stone and get the gift of gab.

Season 100
#101 Puerto Rico:
Explore the rich history and culture in the colonial ports of Ponce and Old San Juan where host-kids Nathan and Seamus find adventure playing pirates in the old colonial fort of El Morro. Then it’s off to find frogs in El Yunque, the Caribbean National Forest and explore the underground caves of Rio Camuy. Finally, The Roberts family finds time to relax on the beaches of Vieques Island, a small enclave that exudes the ambiance of a by-gone era in the Caribbean.

#102 Hawaii: Oahu:
There are two very different sides to the island of Oahu – the fast-paced, activity packed Waikiki and the laid-back North Shore and the Roberts family are determined to discover both. The confluence of cultures in Hawaii is apparent at the International Marketplace where the host family tries different cuisines ranging from Japanese noodles to Hawaiian traditional dishes. To learn more about the history and culture of Hawaii, the Roberts head over to the Polynesian Cultural Center, where they taste coconut bread and learn to throw a spear. For a more recent view of history, it’s on to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. With all this land activity, it’s easy to forget that Hawaii is known for its undersea life. But our hosts have you covered with excursions below the waves at SeaLife Park where they come face to face with dolphins and stingrays.

#103 Mexico: Cancun and the Caribbean Coast:
Packed with family-friendly attractions and plenty of sunshine, Cancun is a perfect family destination, but is there more to this rugged coast than just fun in the sun? The Roberts find out as they explore the city of Cancun with aquariums, pyramids and late-night turtle encounters and venture across the ocean to Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres, a tiny island is what Cancun was like decades ago. Drive around the small villages in a golf cart to snorkel and swim with dolphins.

#104 Hawaii: Big Island:
The Big Island of Hawaii is big and the Roberts family is determined to see every part of it. As the newest island in Hawaiian island chain, the Big Island is still growing with lava constantly steaming into the Pacific Ocean to form land. The host family gets face-to-face with the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea, at Volcanoes National Park where they hike through lava tubes, feel heat oozing through hardened lava fields, and learn about Pele, goddess of fire. To find out more about ancient Hawaii, the Roberts head to the City of Refuge where they’re greeted by tiki heads and play lava rock checkers. After scouring through the fresh fruits at Hilo’s farmer’s market, the Roberts find the perfect food, the malasada. To finish their feast, the Roberts head to a sunset luau.

#105 Mexico: The Mayan Yucatan:
Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is the site of major clashes between the indigenous Mayan people and the Spanish colonialists and the attractions here reflect it. The Roberts learn the Mayan history at the huge pyramid complex of Chichen-Itza where they research the acoustics on a Mayan ball court, climb the pyramids and study a colony of leaf-cutter ants. Then it’s on to soak in the culture at Spanish enclaves like Izamal, Valladolid and Merida where Mayan traditional dances take place in centuries old colonial squares. Explore lively markets and take horse drawn carriages through the colonial centers.

#106 Hawaii: Maui:
On Maui, the progression of Hawaii’s economy becomes apparent as our host family discovers Lahaina’s whaling history before boarding the sugar cane train. Then it’s on to explore the island’s amazing natural beauty by land on Ka’anapali Beach and on the winding Road to Hana where the Roberts picnic by waterfall and discover secluded black sand beaches and by sea at the Maui Ocean Center and on a snorkel cruise to Lanai where spinner dolphins leap from the water in a graceful dance. A sunset luau where cliff divers plummet from Black Rock to the ocean below and fire dancers strut their stuff provides the perfect ending to their Maui adventure.

#107 Mexico – Southern Caribbean Coast:
After heading south to the Mayan pyramid complexes of Tulum and Coba, it’s obvious this history-laden coast has a much deeper side. But fun in the sun prevails as the host family enjoys an eco-waterpark, snorkels through underwater caves, boards a submarine for a tour of the undersea life, browses the shopping enclave of Playa Del Carmen and enjoys the powder white beaches of the Caribbean in a beach hut with no TV or air conditioning!

#108 Hawaii: Kauai:
Hawaii’s island of Kauai is known for its dramatic natural surrounds and the Roberts family heads out to see it all. Board a boat up the Wailua River to the fabulous Fern Grotto where water drips from upside down plants at one of the wettest places on earth. Check out the salt beds and cross a swinging bridge in the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon. Head off-the-beaten-path over the bridges of Kauai’s north shore past Hanalei and end up at the base of the Na Pali Coast where Ke’e beach offers the perfect spot to check out Kauai’s marine life including sea turtles.

#109 The Virgin Islands:
The U.S. Virgin Islands are composed of three very different islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John, and in this episode the Roberts family are hunting down the very best that each has to offer. On St. Thomas, the host family discovers a pirate-y past at Blackbeard’s Castle before diving below the waves on a real submarine. On St. Croix, sugar cane reigns supreme as the Roberts take a tour of an old plantation and a rum factory. On St. John, green is keen as the family hunkers down in tents at an eco-camp and explores the Virgin Islands National Park. The British Virgin Islands are known as the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret and the Roberts family is going to find out why. Tortola’s sweeping green mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to hidden coves like Cane Garden Bay where the host-family finds the slow-pace a perfect base for a family vacation, while hiding out from a nearby hurricane! Trips to West End to learn about Tortola’s pirating past and the south shore to come face-to-face with dolphins complete this island paradise. Next, it’s off to Virgin Gorda where giant boulders provide plenty of hidden pools and grottoes to explore at the Baths.

#110 Hawaii: Molokai:
To experience the true Hawaii, our host-family is off to Molokai where it’s said time stands still. A trip to Halawa Valley and a tour of a macadamia farm provides the Roberts with a look at Hawaii’s agricultural side while views over the world’s highest sea-cliffs down to Kalaupapa Peninsula teaches the family about Molokai’s leprosy past and the great achievement of Father Damien. A stop at the post office to send a Coconut Postcard proves amusing and the host kids love flying a kite from a windy outpost on the island’s west side.


“In this edition of the acclaimed Travel with Kids series, the Roberts family visits the crystal blue waters and white sand beaches of the Bahamas—an easy 30-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL. First stop is the gateway island of New Providence, where the capital city of Nassau is located. Mom, dad, and their two boys learn a bit of exciting local history during a visit to a pirate museum, explore crafts markets and duty-free shops, and go to a huge aquarium, where they meet friendly dolphins, and see a giant manta ray (the kids get to go “backstage” to see what it takes to feed the critter every day). A snorkeling adventure at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas resort includes a brief dip in the water (with sharks nearby!). The family also enjoy quiet times on the nearly deserted shores of Cat Island, and on Grand Bahama Island, where they explore the natural environment via a kayak tour through Lucayan National Park. Split into two half-hour episodes, the program provides additional information via intermittent “pop up” facts. DVD extras include a “Trip Planner” with segments on family-friendly accommodations, travel tips and resources; a “Bahamas at Home” featurette with recipes and crafts; and a bloopers reel. Highly recommended.” Three & 1/2 Stars -Video Librarian

“The couple is likable and friendly, their kids are precocious, and the sites are breathtaking. Anyone looking for a video guide to traveling the streets of Paris with their young ones in tow can’t do better than this.” – Zach Freeman, Blogger News Network

“Travel With Kids Paris is packed with good ideas geared toward helping families prepare for a group vacation, but also useful for young travelers doing it alone. Novice travelers looking for ideas for a manageable and safe itinerary through Paris will do well to brush up with the experience of the Roberts family as a starting point.” – DVD Verdict Review

“Another winning installment in the Travel with Kids series, Travel with Kids: Caribbean Cruise is a DVD family travel guide to enjoying a Caribbean cruise…” – Midwest Book Review

“Highly recommended.”– Library Bookwatch

“Each episode has great cinematography and is packed full of places to see and things to do. The fast pace and helpful family-friendly tips make this the perfect adjunct to the traditional travel guide for parents wishing to travel with their kids. The bonus features include: additional preparatory information on Irish cooking, learning to jig, and speaking Gaelic as well as out-take bloopers.

The Travel with Kids award winning series has 20 current DVDs available as well as real-time social media sites including a blog, facebook, and twitter presence. Their website includes information about their upcoming travel locations, their partners and sponsors, additional trip planning tips, television episodes, sample trailers, and more.” Highly Recommended – Educational Media Reviews Online

“…the Roberts family takes in the charm and camaraderie of the Emerald Isle. Although thematically similar, each title in the series has a slightly different emphasis reflecting the distinctive characteristics of the locations visited. Ireland finds the Roberts’ joining local musicians at a pub (many are family-friendly establishments), where traditional Irish music is played with drum, fiddle, accordion, flute, and other instruments. While providing specific tips for traveling with children, the film showcases the scenic countryside and various tourist attractions, including the town of Killarney and its horse-drawn cart rides to Ross Castle, and Killarney National Park, with its lakes, bogs, mountains, and woodlands. And, of course, the foursome visits Blarney Castle in County Cork, built in 1446 and home of the famous Blarney Stone, where tradition requires one to climb to the tower where the landmark is located, flip over on one’s back, and kiss the stone over a small gap in the wall about 100 yards above the ground. Highly recommended.” Three and Half Stars – Video Librarian

“Just the ticket for parents considering Ireland as a family vacation destination. Entertaining—and empowering!” – Booklist

“I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the Travel With Kids series. I watched the Travel With Kids – New York DVD and thought it was really well done.

Well, Travel With Kids – Ireland is an even better DVD!

I can understand what the film makers are trying to do, which is to demystify the age old problem of how to have a fun vacation when you have a couple of small children in tow.Unfortunately by the title alone they will miss a huge segment of people who would really enjoy this series. You don’t have to be traveling with two toddlers to really get a great deal out of this series.

The videography is stunning. You get a real feel for the places that the intrepid Roberts family visit. Many travelogue type DVD’s contain wonderful ideas of places to visit, most though are far outside of the realms of reality for all but the fittest ex Green Beret! Travel With Kids takes a different approach, there are so many wonderful sights, sounds, and experiences that can be found without the assistance of Sherpa Tensing.

Ireland is a country that has certainly seen its fair share of conflict, and its history is rich and bountiful.

Travel With Kids – Ireland, in fact the entire series, contains really good and really practical advice. It is not a guide on how to survive on $10 a day, nor is it a guide to the most exotic (read expensive) ways that a tourist can lighten their wallets. It is much more about value, a family of four can have the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

This episode features Dublin, Killarney, and Dingle. It also explores the countryside around these cities and delves into some of Ireland’s rich history. From music to food, from staying in a real castle, to visiting the Guinness brewery, you have it all!

I think one of the great values in the Travel With Kids series is that prior to a vacation you can get an idea of some things to do while you are there. Many people say, oh I never plan a vacation, I just see where it leads me. That is a sure fire way to miss out on something that may just make the difference between a vacation and something that is remembered for years to come.

I give full marks to Travel With Kids – Ireland, and even if you are not planning a trip soon, watch it and vacation vicariously.” – Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network

“Their latest piece covers a trip to Paris where the couple visits numerous landmarks and various places around the city, all while providing helpful commentary filled with historical information and tips for parents who may find themselves preparing for a similar trip. The best part about this series, though, is that its’ more than just a simple, “Here’s what we did” short home movie.

Each hour-long episode features a selected city somewhere in the world and extensive information for preparing for the trip and making the most of it while there. Little things like designing flash cards with famous art pieces on them to keep the kids engaged at the Louvre and a brief breakdown of the lines at the Eiffel Tower help prepare other parents planning to make the trip themselves for the trip.

The couple is likeable and friendly, their kids are precocious, and the sites are breathtaking. Anyone looking for a video guide to travelling the streets of Paris with their young ones in tow can’t do better than this.” –

“Mixing in bite-size history lessons along the way, Travel with Kids: England finds the Roberts’ visiting several kid-friendly attractions, including ancient castles, Stonehenge, the Roman baths in Bath (the algae rules out any tub time there), aquariums, the Beatrix Potter museum, and more. Travel with Kids: London switches gears from the rural countryside to the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s major metropolises, with attractions including Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Tate Museum, and the London Eye. …these two titles are highly recommended.” Three and a Half Stars – Video Librarian

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“…offers a fun and practical armchair journey anytime you want.”
Rating A, – Chicago Parent Magazine


  • – Telly Award for Excellence in Video Production
  • – iParenting  Media– 2006 Excellent Products – for approved family friendly viewing content
  • – Dove Foundation – Seal Approval for Family Entertainment 5 Doves (Highest Award)
  • – KIDS First Endorsement
  • – Wisdom Award – Parent to Parent Merit Award