Can a group of misfits “volunteered” by the Warden to join the revival – a gang-banger, a narcissistic rock guitarist, a twitchy jock and a former football heart throb– find redemption?  Or will the experience do little to change these men?  Can religion keep these convicts from almost inevitably returning to lock-up? Are there lessons to be learned from two hundred years of prison reform?

Faith in the Big House goes deep inside a religious revival at a maximum security prison to reveal the carefully orchestrated formulas used by evangelical ministries seeking to convert a group of convicts to Christianity.  Prison ministry leaders, including Charles Colson (of Watergate infamy) insist that revivals and twenty-four-seven bible studies radically reduce the number of inmates who are re-incarcerated, plus keep Islamic movements in check. Some secularists doubt their findings, trusting traditional rehabilitation to achieve lasting results.

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