Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication, is a one-hour documentary television special that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take medication for mental illness.  

Kelly is a mother of two, whose pregnancies triggered suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. She had no prior history of mental illness, and although she was presented with medication multiple times throughout, she decided to go medication-free for both of her pregnancies. Kelly’s husband Sean is featured, as both a source of support, as well as conflict within the family.  Dina is a filmmaker and professor who, given her history of anxiety, is trying to set a plan in place prior to conceiving. She has decided to wean herself off medication, but finds herself navigating conflicting advice from various doctors. The film follows her throughout her pregnancy as she reflects on her experience along the way.  Vickie is an actress who finds herself newly pregnant, without a job, health insurance, or support from the child’s father. Although she is actively seeking medication for depression, she finds that her doctors are reluctant to prescribe.  Christine is a stay-at-home mother to two girls, who took medication for her first pregnancy, but for her second, opted out which led to postpartum symptoms of depression, anxiety and OCD. Angela is also a stay at home mother who chose to stay on some of her medication throughout her pregnancy, with her doctor’s support and guidance.  

Other interviewees include doctors (Dr. Elizabeth Fitelson, Director of the Women’s Program at Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry, and Dr. Stephen Contag, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore) and family members (such as Dina and Angela’s husbands) who influence, and are affected by, these decisions.  The film focuses on the personal stories of the women, and the many facets of making such decisions. It addresses the struggle and emotional turmoil, as well as the hope and perseverance of the featured women, and advocates for their ability to make the best individual choices for themselves and their families. It also raises larger issues related to the functioning of our healthcare system, the pervasiveness of mental health stigma across the country and the importance of familial and peer support that is so crucial for a struggling mother.

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“It’s riveting. You know how you get teary-eyed at stories about mothers with cancer postponing treatment for the sake of their unborn children? Rarely do we treat women who suffer from deadly mental illnesses with the same compassion…” -Cosmopolitan Magazine

“Moms and Meds strays from the warm and fuzzy land of baby showers and gender reveal parties to ignite real conversations about what it’s like to be pregnant while dealing with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.” -Art With Impact

“It’s crucial that both doctors and pregnant (or possibly pregnant) women get educated when it comes to the intensely personal subject of pregnancy and psych meds.” -Baltimore City Paper