Janson Media is a homevideo publisher, distributing physical DVDs and digital files them directly through its network of wholesalers and sub-distributors into a marketplace that ultimately includes 15,000+ public libraries, 20,000+ “brick and mortar” retailers, including video stores, museum gift shops, supermarkets, bookstores, home electronics stores, and other retailers, and dozens of direct-mail accounts. All of our titles are also available directly from Amazon.com, Amazon re-sellers, and virtually all online retailers that sell DVDs.

Key retailers in the physical DVD marketplace today include Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, Readers Digest, Time-Life, and Columbia House. We reach them all, either directly or through our distribution partners. We also have a significant reach into the Catholic and Christian marketplaces. Our vertical marketing reaches DVD buyers in the hospital and institutional markets, the State and National Parks networks of gift shops, and the not-for-profit universe of schools, colleges, universities and foundations.

Digital Rights are available to our entire catalog. Files are available transactionally online, for both Download-to-Own (DTO) or Download-to-Rent (DTR), from such partners as Apple (iTunes), Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo, and Youtube.  SVOD and AVOD rights are available from such major digital platforms as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and Vudu (Walmart).

Our DVD and Digital Catalog now numbers about 800 exclusive titles. Our titles include award-winning documentaries and educational programs in the categories of travel, history, health and exercise, cooking, spirituality, pop culture, art, music, how-to, and self-help. Our children’s and family films provide a wholesome alternative to the entertainment fare offered by the mainstream media. We have an especially strong lineup of American history titles, with depth in both World War II and Civil War history, as well as a large and growing collection of travel content.  Many of our titles are distributed into the Catholic and Christian markets.

Outside the USA and Canada, we employ multiple distribution strategies on a territory-by-territory basis. We ship packaged DVDs directly to some partners in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. We license rights to entertainment labels in over 30 countries around the world. For more information about our all-media rights distribution, please read more here.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler and wish to establish a direct account with us, please contact us here. If you prefer to purchase from one of your regular suppliers, please ask us for a list of our distributors and wholesalers.


We accept purchase orders from schools, libraries, colleges or universities, and other institutions or non-profit organizations and community groups. Please contact us here to issue a purchase order. Our catalog is also carried by all major distributors and wholesalers servicing the educational and public library marketplace, whether for physical DVDs or digital rights.

If you are a institution or organization in need of Public Performance Rights for group viewing, please read this post.  Public Performance Rights can only be purchased directly from Janson Media with a bonafide institutional or corporate purchase order.

If you are a institution or organization in need of a Digital Site License, please read this post. A Digital Site License can only be purchased directly from Janson Media with a bonafide institutional or corporate purchase order.