Footage and segments are available for licensing from most of our programs.

Footage Licensing

We license footage by the minute or by the second. The footage must be original (not footage sourced from a third-party for use in one of our programs). Sometimes it’s hard to know what is originally-shot and what is sourced, so just ask us — we’ll know.

Segment Licensing

Longer segments edited from our programs may include both original and sourced footage, as long as it is clear that the segment is from our program, and its editorial intent remains intact.


Our pricing is negotiable, and there are too many variables to build a coherent rate card. So just tell us what your budget is on a per minute or per second basis, tell us what rights, territory and term you desire, and we will try to work with you.


Footage and segments are licensed on a non-exclusive basis and is authorized for use only in the production specified on the license agreement. The footage may not be sold, rented, licensed, re-used, re-edited or re-cut for use in any production other than the one for which it is licensed.

Hollywood Collection Licensing

Licensing segments from our Hollywood Collection movie star biographies and profiles presents special difficulties because of the nature of the content — documentaries comprised of richly interwoven footage, some obtained from Hollywood movie studios, some from family archives, and some original footage, usually interviews of stars themselves, or other actors, actresses, agents, family members and friends. It must be evident that the segment is from our program, and licensees must not attempt to use our programs as an easier way to obtain feature film footage which they must obtain from the appropriate Hollywood studios. Any feature film footage used must be limited to 30 seconds per minute of footage used (per one-minute segment), and must remain in context with our own content. Therefore, prospective licensees must adhere to the following guidelines when licensing segments from the Hollywood Collection.

  1. The licensed segment must run with an onscreen “lower-thirds” as follows: Footage from Program Title, Courtesy of Janson Media,
  2. Any feature film footage must remain contiguous with an equal-length segment of our own original content (eg. interview footage), whether leading into or out of the feature film clip.
  3. Any narration or voiceover used in our program, must remain intact.
  4. Third party feature film or archival footage may not exceed 30 seconds used out of every 60 seconds used of our own content (in other words, third-party footage (films/archival) cannot exceed half of the total licensed segment.
  5. Licensees must provide us with a time-coded DVD or digital file of their fine cut, showing their intended use of the segment, for our approval, prior to initial broadcast.