Many Janson Media specials and series are available to — and broadcast by — U.S. public television stations (PBS) nationwide. Programming schedules are determined by each station and vary from local market to local market.  To find out if a program is currently airing on your local PBS station.  please use the spreadsheet below to find your local station, and contact them either by telephone or on the web. Station emails or websites and phone numbers are listed, in alphabetical order by state and then by city. Don’t be shy. Programming and scheduling executives depend on interaction from their viewers. They need to hear from you to know what’s working… and what’s not.  PBS is the nation’s “Public Broadcasting System.”  It’s there to educate and inform the citizenry. So use the your power as a citizen to affect what’s happening in our culture and in the public square.

PBS Station Contact Information (open in a new window)



You can also use the PBS Station Finder webpage at

You can also contact the PBS National Network here.