Janson Media is seeking great content for worldwide distribution

Janson Media acquires content produced by independent producers from around the world. Our goal is simple — to maximize both exposure and royalty revenue for our content. We license to traditional linear broadcasters and digital platforms around the world.

We have a deep and rich network of relationships with media companies worldwide, as a result of several decades of experience in the business of content distribution. Our clients and partners look to Janson Media for a steady supply new, quality documentaries, television specials and series.

Please use the form below to submit your content for our acquisition consideration.

Please review our Distribution Models, and consider taking a look at our FAQ.

eg. History, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, Concert, Movie, etc.
Please tell us about your festival submissions, official selections and awards.
If any rights and territories need to be excluded tell us about them here. For example: DVD in the United States; PBS in the United States; TV in Canada; TV in the UK. Please also tell us who is exploiting those rights.
eg. M&E tracks for movies, International (MDE or Mix Minus Narration) tracks for documentaries and factual content narrated off-camera, etc.
Textless masters enable our foreign language clients to replace captions and other "lower-third" text and graphics with text and graphics in their language.
Trailers are usually less than 5-minutes; teaser are 30-seconds. MPEG4 is a standard file format.
Apple Pro-Res and XDCAM files are now the standard broadcast master formats.
Errors and Omissions Insurance is an important deliverable for most major broadcasters in the U.S., Canada and the UK.