New HDTV Special Visits Best BBQ Joints in Texas

Janson Media announced today the release of the new HDTV special, Masters of Texas Barbecue, to worldwide television markets. Smoky, sweet, succulent, addictive — Texas barbecue just might be the best food on earth. This documentary special, filmed in stunning 1080i high definition, visits eleven of the most revered barbecue joints in the Lone Star State, where renowned pitmasters share century-old secrets and recipes. The HDTV cinematography in Masters of Texas Barbecue is amazing. Sausage sizzles and spits sweet juices. Ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey, ham and pork chops are smoked to mouthwatering perfection. From one of the last remaining open pits in the nation to an old style cowboy barbecue, it’s all here in the most definitive program ever produced on the subject of Texas barbecue. Informative, entertaining and downright fun, Masters of Texas Barbecue is a gastronomic thrill ride to the heart of America’s famed barbecue country. Joe Ely, Texas Music Hall of Famer, international recording star and beloved favorite son narrates the program. A big fan of barbecue, Joe has eaten at every barbecue joint featured in the program. Russell Yarnell, the host of the special and a co-producer, is a former U.S. Army Chef. Russell traveled 12,000 miles across Texas visiting 42 of the states’ 1,666 barbecue joints before deciding to include eleven of Texas’ most treasured barbecue joints in the final program.

Masters of Texas Barbecue was produced by Spicewood Entertainment of West Allis, Wisconsin and Spicewood, Texas. The special was produced by Julius Fomotor and Russell Yarnell, and directed by Julius Fomotor.