Massive 50 State HDTV Project Reaches Halfway Point

Janson Media today announced the release of the most recently completed programs in the DISCOVERIES… AMERICA collection, a massive HDTV project conceived and produced by Bennett-Watt Productions of Seattle, Washington. When completed in 2009, the series will feature one-hour portraits of every American state, all filmed in high-definition. The ambitious, multi-year project explores the United States from coast to coast. Historical treasures, cultural icons, natural wonders and up-close glimpses into the lives of Americans reveal the heart & spirit of the U.S. as never before. The series covers topics as far-reaching as life on family farms, the bustle & rush of America’s thriving cities, the rich legacy of Native Americans and the breathtaking spectacle of our landscapes and wildlife. From cowboys to casinos, political history to parasailing, with national parks, monuments and points and people of interest in between, here is the rich diversity of America today.

To date, 25 hours have been delivered. Some of these states include ARIZONA, NEVADA, WYOMING, WASHINGTON, COLORADO, PENNSYLVANIA, UTAH, TEXAS, LOUISIANA, ALABAMA, VIRGINIA, OHIO, and ILLINOIS. Production of the remaining 25 state portraits will continue over the next four years.

The DISCOVERIES… AMERICA collection premieres in the United States on InDemand’s InHD channel. Television, VOD, and DVD rights outside the U.S. are available exclusively from Janson Media.