Two New Docs from UK’s Slackjaw Film

Janson Media today announced the worldwide release of two mountain documentaries from UK producer Slackjaw Film. KILIMANJARO: GOING FOR BROKE is a mountain adventure film with huge human and emotional dimensions. It’s about four great climbers who have all suffered tragic accidents that have left them seriously disabled. Climbing gods made mortal, they decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Jamie has no arms and no legs, half of Paul’s body is paralyzed, David has never fully recovered from total paralysis and Pete has a broken back, one kidney and can only walk with calipers. As the four climbers arrive at the foothills of Kilimanjaro and begin the ascent viewers learn about their accidents and see the challenges their physical handicaps present. With incredible poignancy and honesty the four heroes talk about the pain and suffering, the doubts and the joy, and how their lives have led up to this moment.

MELTDOWN: IN THE SHADOW OF NEPAL’S LOST GLACIERS is a one-hour documentary which provides new evidence of global warming from the rooftop of the world. Like the polar regions, the mountains are the first to react to global warming, and in the Himalaya temperatures are rocketing. This film visits the Everest region to document the escalating glacial melt and its effect on a Nepali people in danger of being literally washed away. KILIMANJARO and MELTDOWN were produced by UK-based Slackjaw Film. Both one-hour documentaries are now available exclusively from Janson Media for worldwide television, VOD, IPTV, and DVD licensing.