“Gateway Arch” Receives Rave From Booklist

Janson Media’s DVD, The Gateway Arch: A Reflection of America, earned a rave review in the upcoming March 1st, 2008 issue of Booklist Magazine. Said reviewer Elliot Mandel of the DVD, “Narrated by St. Louis native Kevin Kline, this lively documentary profiles the history, design, and construction of the Gateway Arch. The film initially describes the role of St. Louis following the Louisiana Purchase when it served as an outfitter and stopping point for pioneers heading west. The idea of a monument celebrating westward expansion arose during the Depression.

“Architect Eero Saarinen’s futuristic structure acknowledges the past while encouraging citizens to look forward. The film carefully notes the decimation of Native Americans during westward migration and the exclusion of African Americans during the construction of the ‘largest stainless steel structure in history.’ Featuring commentary from historians, architects, and steelworkers, the documentary eloquently acknowledges the determination and grit of explorers who journeyed west and workers who built up.”

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