“Water’s Journey” High-Def Adventure/Doc Series Debuts

Janson Media today announced the release to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, and new media markets of Water’s Journey, a four-episode series that reveals the nature, and mechanics of our most important water resources: Groundwater, Rivers, Lakes, Springs, Wetlands, Estuaries, and Ocean environments. The series follows a team of scientists and adventurers as they explore the water systems, revealing how each system works, its natural history, and mankind’s relationship with these systems.

The Water’s Journey team devotes the first two episodes to exploring the Florida Everglades ecosystem, learning about how the systems have been pushed to the brink of collapse, and what it’ll take to restore it. As one team of environmental detectives sets out by canoe, kayak and foot to explore the historic beauty of the river of grass, another team embarks on a parallel journey through farms and cities built on lands that were drained for development. The teams reunite at the end of the system, examining how the health of the Everglades affects Florida Bay, the coral reefs, and beyond. In the third episode, viewers can join the team as they explore the St. John’s River, from the mouth to its beginnings deep in the heart of Florida. In the thrilling final episode of Water’s Journey a team of inner earth explorers journey into the floridan aquifier, following the connective and miraculous path that drinking water takes.

Water’s Journey (4 x 56′) won an HDFEST “Deffie” for Best Documentary Film, and was a finalist at the 2006 Japanese Wildlife Film Festival. It was produced by Karst Productions, of High Springs, Florida, and is now available to television, VOD, DVD/video, and new media markets worldwide exclusively through Janson Media.