“Ice Island” Takes Viewers on High-Tech HD Adventure

Janson Media today announced the release to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, and new media markets of Ice Island, a one-hour HDTV documentary special about a daring, high-tech adventure beneath an Antarctic iceberg.

In the most remote corner of the planet, exploration is a simple matter of survival. In the harsh emptiness that is Antarctica, a daring team of explorers and scientists pushed the limits of technology and common sense to plunge below the bone chilling waters, explore underneath heaving masses of ice and fly far from hope of rescue – all to be the first humans to document the largest iceberg in recorded history.

Crossing the world’s most hostile seas, they embarked on a journey through the Southern Ocean. In up to sixty-foot seas, the team battled elements that threatened to bring their journey to an end even before reaching Antarctica. In the Ross Sea, they fought equally harsh conditions; getting trapped in the ice and conducting hazardous and never before contemplated dives inside monster icebergs. Ice Island is more than a natural history experience, it’s a race to document the new impacts of global warming. Intertwined with dramatic visuals and dynamic sounds unfolds a human drama of the hardships of expedition life. Charismatic scientists bring a fresh look to huge global issues and face challenges of survival in the pursuit of research.

Ice Island (1 x 60′) was produced in 1080i high-definition by Wes Skiles’ Karst Productions of Florida, and is now available to television, DVD/video, VOD and new media markets worldwide, exclusively through Janson Media.