“Seapower to Superpower” DVD Set Scores Kudos

Educational Media Reviews Online recently honored Janson Media’s Seapower to Superpower DVD with a “Highly Recommended” review.

“This 2-disc DVD set of over 5 hours of research and commentary focuses on how sea power has always determined military dominance, up to the 20th century, when space power took over. The various topics are: Britain Arises, The 18th Century, Pax Britannica, Changing the Guard, and Space the Great Commons. In each section, animation is used to show how new design and technology helped each race or country to achieve military dominance over its neighbors. From the Viking longship to the cog to the space shuttle, each visualization shows how the new technology was better than the old. A very interesting documentary, with great graphics and stunning re-creations. Highly Recommended. “

Read the entire review here.

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