Janson Media Producer Wanda Urbanska Signs New Book Deal

Janson Media announced today that Wanda Urbanska (host of Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska) has just signed a contract with Krause Publications for her latest book, tentatively titled, “Reclaim the Good Life: Common Sense Wisdom from Wanda Urbanska.” It is slated for publication in May 2010. Wanda’s new book will present solutions for managing money, reducing consumption and debt, while offering wisdom on issues involving work, home, family and healthy living. She’ll draw on her 20-year career as a simplicity and sustainability advocate to help readers establish common-sense habits for survival and happiness – always needed but never more so than during these challenging economic times. In the meantime, consumers can reap the benefits of the simple lifestyle through Urbanska’s nationally broadcasted Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska.

Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska (39 x 30′) HDTV
A magazine-style series advocating enhanced quality of life through environmental stewardship; thoughtful consumption; community involvement; and financial responsibility. Simple Living, hosted by Wanda Urbanska, addresses such subjects as lowering your carbon footprint, reducing your personal waste stream, buying locally, green building, and reconnecting with nature. In short, taking one’s life back from the grip of consumerism. Distributed worldwide exclusively through Janson Media, the series can be seen on your local PBS station in HD.