“Shroud” Scheduled to Air on NET NY for Holy Week

Janson Media announced today that its religious title, Shroud will air for Holy Week on Brooklyn-based New Evangelization Television (NET). Under the terms of the agreement, the film will air on Catholic Television Brooklyn Queens (CTNBQ); Closed Circuit Broadcasting via to Elementary/High Schools, and Internet Broadband.

There is evidence that the Shroud, venerated in France as early as 1350, is the same Shroud we see today preserved in Turin, Italy. Shroud takes the historical high ground as it presents the places, the written evidence, the changes of ownership, the various expositions and the first 1898 photograph that changed everything – into the realm of modern science and to worldwide attention for the very first time. This film  is the most authentic and definitive  program yet produced on the Holy Shroud.

The DVD features a one-hour documentary film, The Man of Pain, which was the Official Documentary of the 1998 Holy Shroud Exposition Committee and was granted the right to use the Vatican’s Jubilee 2000 logo. It is the only documentary presented in High Definition (HDTV) footage of the private exposition which took place on June 25, 1997 – and the only documentary to be filmed since the fire that badly damaged Guarini’s Chapel. Extra features include The 1998 Restoration History, The 2002 Restoration History, Iconographic Routes, Backstage at the Filming, Extra Interviews, An Interactive Map of Shroud History, and the short films, The Guarini Chapel and The Face of Christ.

NET is a new faith-centered cable TV network based in Brooklyn, New York. The heart base of our broadcast includes news, entertainment, children’s, and music, as well as religious programs. There are even programs in foreign languages. Today, while most television accentuate materialism, violence, sex, and sensationalism, NET brings viewers back to what really matters, family, fun, and faith in God. Have no fear, NET isn’t a cloistered channel of talking heads and sermons. It’s out on the streets of New York, visiting neighborhoods, talking to the diverse members of our community of faith — listening to the music and sampling the food. NET serves the young and old, the churched and unchurched, and men and women from different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, showing how they work together to make our world a better place. It’s good TV!

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