Birdwatching Grows in Popularity

Spring has sprung and so has the pent up desire to remedy that cabin fever brought on by the brutal winter season. Common outdoor activities include hiking, kayaking, photography and sports such as golf and baseball. According to however, one of the most rapidly growing hobbies in the world is birdwatching, with more then 50 million birders in the United States alone. In its most basic sense, birding, or bird watching, is the recreational hobby of observing species of wild birds, including their physical characteristics and behavior. Whether your a novice or an expert you can find many benefits of birding such as education, exercise, and inexpensive entertainment. For those looking to make the most of their birdwatching adventures, there is the Janson Media distributed series All Bird TV and DVD collection Adventures in Birdwatching.

In the popular weekly series, All Bird TV (26 x 24′), host and ornithologist Ken Dial takes viewers on adventures in birdwatching across North and Central America. Viewers can learn more about birding hot spots like Cape May in New Jersey , Central Park in New York City, Monterey Bay in California and more. In Adventures in Birdwatching, viewers join ornithologist and nature enthusiast Ken Dial as he travels to several birding hot spots filled with the most spectacular species of birds imaginable like the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Both titles were produced by Incandescent Entertainment of Spencer, Massachusetts.

Incandescent Entertainment Inc. was founded by Dennis Allen. His experience encompasses every aspect of screen media production and broadcast television, particularly the hands-on management of the editorial, financial, production, and distribution needs of television projects, with a focus in public television.