“Kids Guides” Sea Exploration DVD Highly Recommended

The Emmy Award winning Janson Media DVD Kids Guides: Kids Sea Camp Curacao was highly recommended in a recent review by Educational Media Reviews Online. The DVD takes a rare look at underwater species, offering a behind the scenes experience that most kids can only dream of. The review recognizes Kids Guides as an excellent introduction to the marine animal trainers of tomorrow, exploring the ocean floor in a fun, interactive way.

“The DVD is an excellent way to introduce children to what it takes to explore the ocean floor and become marine animal trainers. The learning process is captured inside and outside of the classroom for specialized instruction ending with underwater graduation for students. The film offers an amazing look at underwater shots of coral reefs and a spectrum of sea life for participants to identify and interact with at the Curacao Sea Aquarium. The video takes the audience inside this special camp offering rare opportunities for children and families to participate in.

Kid Guides has received a generous number of awards including an Emmy and the “Seal of Approval” from the Parents Television Council. The videos would be a great addition to any public library or school media collection. Highly Recommended” -Educational Media Reviews Online

Read the entire interview here.

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