History UK Extends its License for The Hollywood Collection

Janson Media announced today that The History Channel UK has re-licensed broadcast rights for  13 titles from its Hollywood Collection series. The Hollywood Collection is an award-winning archive of 34 movie star biographies and retrospectives produced by Wombat Productions between 1985 and 1999. As per the agreement, History has re-licensed the biopics for Charlton Heston, Anthony Quinn, Jack Lemmon, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Robert Mitchum, Yul Brynner, Gary Cooper, Mae West, Joan Crawford, Clint Eastwood and Burt Lancaster.

The Hollywood Collection is a rich archive of television documentary films, which profile many of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected stars. These films are the legacy of Gene Feldman (1921–2006), a director, writer, and producer. In partnership with his wife, Suzette Winter, their company Wombat Productions created 34 insightful and entertaining biographies for television broadcast. All of these programs were originally shot on both 35mm and 16mm film stocks and recorded on quarter-inch audiotape, as well as 35mm magnetic film. Now available on DVD, Janson Media maintains exclusive commercial rights to the entire collection. History is a pan-European television channel broadcasting programs related to historical events and persons. History in Europe is owned by a joint-venture between BSKYB and A&E Television Networks (owner of the American History). History was originally launched as The History Channel UK in November 1995 and was the first version of The History Channel to launch outside the United States. Since 1999 the channel has been broadcast in a number of other key European markets such as the Republic of Ireland (November 1999), the Nordic Countries (February 2007), Iceland (April 2007) and Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia (December 2008). Established in 1989, Janson Media is an independent content distribution company based in the United States, with a rights portfolio of over 1,500 hours of exclusive programming available for licensing to worldwide television, VOD, DVD/video, non-theatric, and emerging new media markets, and a publisher/ manufacturer of award-winning DVDs. The company has licensed programming to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include most major broadcasters and media companies.