“MoneyTrack” Takes Off on Singapore Airlines

Janson Media announced that Singapore Air has picked up two episodes of the syndicated series, MoneyTrack. The Janson Media distributed program serves as a guide for consumers looking to make the best financial choices. The airline has licensed the episodes, “Retirement Reality Check” and “Me, Inc.”

Join Pam and Jack on the episode “Retirement Reality Check” at the beach in Cape Cod as they focus on how much money is really required to have a comfortable retirement. David Bach shows viewers how much money they can spend each year without running out. The Scam Alert features so-called “Elder Experts” and tells the story of a couple who lost all of their money to a senior specialist.

Is real job security just a thing of the past? Pam and Jack explore the value of the benefits offered at the workplace, especially the pros and cons of 401k plans. Working for “Me, Inc.” is a way to protect oneself in light of eroding benefits. The Scam Alert involves a manager who stole money from her employees’ 401k plans.

Singapore Airlines has evolved into one of the most respected travel brands around the world. The airline has one of the world’s youngest fleets in the air, a network spanning five continents. Everyone from customers, investors, partners, and staff expects excellence from the Singapore Airlines experience.

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