“Visit Wales with Rachel Hicks” DVD Scores Positive Booklist Review

The Janson Media DVD Visit Wales with Rachel Hicks was recommended in a recent review by Booklist. Filmed in High Definition, the program takes viewers on an odyssey through Wales with the former BBC presenter. The comprehensive tour explores everything the beautiful country has to offer, from its well known tourist attractions to hidden gems off the beaten path. The review commends the programs ability to capture the diverse and stunning attractions of Wales.

Wales, according to host Rachel Hicks, is a mixture of sleek new buildings and ancient ruins. Accompanied by a camera crew, Hicks hop-scotches across the country, from Aberystwyth on the Irish Sea to Abergavenny in the east and Anglesey on the southern coast. There seems to be something for all types of tourists, with Hicks sampling everything from castles and museums to train rides and a whiskey distillery. History buff can explorer Celtic burial chambers, castles and museums, while adventures might enjoy surfing and kayaking; gourmands will appreciate food festivals; and shoppers will find much to buy, including handcrafted lace and wood carvings. The scenery is beautiful, and the appealing guide takes viewers to a nice mix of populated and secluded areas. This nicely shot program shows the beauty and diversity of Wales. See also A Historical Tour of Wales ( 2009) , from Instructional Video. – Booklist

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