Janson DVD Follows the Path to “The American Century”

The 4th of July — Independence Day — is a time for Americans to celebrate with various family gatherings, outdoor barbecues, and explosive fireworks. However, not enough of us take the time to explore deeper into the history behind our country’s and the holiday’s origins. The Janson Media DVD Seapower to Superpower gives us further insight into the timeline preceding America’s revolt from Great Britain, all the way through to the technological advances in sea and space that set the stage for America to dominate the global economy. The premise of the DVD is that whoever controls the great commons of the sea and space, dominates the world.

The 2 disc 5 hour DVD set Seapower to Superpower focuses on the story of Global Supremacy and explores the relationship between military power, technology, commercial realities, and the will of a nation and a people to excel. Hosted by historian Mark Milner and Yale University professor Paul Kenned, it begins with England’s Royal Navy and its empire’s perseverance for military dominance of the world for more than 350 years. In the 20th century that dominance would pass from Britain to America and eventually, from sea to space. Each of the five episodes look at history’s major wars with a remarkable production of vivid recreations, computer simulations, artwork and concise interviews with historians.

Produced by Robert Linnell Productions, the Seapower to Superpower program is distributed exclusively to international television, VOD, DVD and new media markets through Janson Media.