Richard Bangs Takes an Odyssey to Assam, India

Janson Media today announced the release to international television, VOD, and DVD/video markets of the 60 minute HDTV special, Assam India: Quest for the One-Horned Rhinoceros, the 6th episode in the series Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose.

In his latest documentary, Assam India: Quest for the One-Horned Rhinoceros, modern explorer Richard Bangs travels in a remote state on the northeastern cusp of India called Assam. In the far, far reaches of India; in the shadow of the Himalayas; along the misty banks of the Brahmaputra River glides a gray blur that almost became a ghost — the one-horned rhinoceros. It’s a rare species that a hundred years ago nearly vanished from the face of the earth. What kept the rhino from falling into the chasm of extinction? What can its story teach us about our world today; about saving precious wildlife, and, for that matter, all living things?

Bang’s quest is to find what the one-horned rhino means to the people of Assam, and why it flourishes here as in no other place. He begins in Manas National Park, travels to villages near Guwahati, Assam’s largest city, visits Majuli Island, and ends in Kaziranga National Park.

Filmed in gorgeous High-Definition, Assam India: Quest for the One-Horned Rhinoceros was produced by Small World Productions, and is now available to international television, VOD, non-theatric, and DVD/video markets, exclusively through Janson Media.

Richard Bangs is a world adventurer, international river explorer, Web pioneer and award winning author. He is also a founding partner of Mountain Travel Sobek, America’s oldest and largest adventure travel firm. In addition to his Adventures with Purpose series, Bangs has produced web-based projects such as Great Escapes, Well-Traveled and Terraquest.

Small World Productions is a small Seattle-based independent production company that since 1980 has been dedicated to making first-rate travel programs for public television. The company’s television series focus on the sights, art, and history of destinations in Europe, the USA, and Mexico & the Caribbean. Each episode is meant to appeal to travelers and armchair travelers and includes useful travel tips.