Exercise DVD Promotes Wellness and Preventive Health Care

In President Obama’s press conference on health care reform last night, he touched on a number of key health care issues from offering more coverage plan options to curbing inflation.  A recurrent talking point in the ongoing health care reform debate is the promotion a healthy lifestyle that utilizes preventive tactics such as diet and exercise. Tai Chi Master Instructor Joey Bond is a long time proponent of alternate exercising programs. “Tai Chi engages the athlete in a dynamic exercise approach that delivers both cardiovascular and muscle strength, as well as reinforcing heartfelt creative expression,” says Bond. This training, exhibited on Master Bond’s DVD Tai Chi Innerwave, is one of the many activities that not only enliven the human organism, but are proven to lower both health care need and cost over the long haul.

Creating a bridge of agreement between Eastern meditation and Western physical fitness, Tai Chi’s slow, rhythmic movements are designed to enact a sense of harmony between the mind and body. Through Master Bond’s easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll learn a dynamic variety of Tai Chi postures including White Crane Spreads Wings, Wave Hands Like Clouds and Part the Wild Horse’s Mane. After learning the basic movements, viewers of all ages and physical abilities will increase their strength and endurance, improve postural alignment, tone their bodies, reduce overall tension and sharpen mental activity.

Tai Chi Innerwave was produced by Innerwave, Inc. and is now available for all television, DVD, VOD, non-theatric, and new media markets worldwide exclusively through Janson Media.